Planet Terror and Deathproof

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Starring Rose McGowan and Kurt Russell, with Bruce Willis

Recreating the no-budget action titles of the past, directors Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez combine their talents to create two over-the-top "films" with a host of crazy stuff in between! Zombies, machine-guns, car crashes! Descriptions of each "half" follow below. Includes spoofs of sex & violence movie trailers in between by various directors including Rob Zombie, with one for "Werewolf Women of the SS." The movies:
DEATH PROOF Psycho Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell of Escape From NY) uses his souped-up car as a murder weapon against beautiful women - until he meets his match taking on a bevy of sexy babes!
PLANET TERROR Sexy Rose McGowan as Cherry Darling sports a machine-gun for a leg, her ex-boyfriend is a one-man army - and they'll need help facing down an army of gory zombies!

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