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Atom Age Vampire (1961)

What can you say about an Italian import that is as hilariously bad as this one? A mad professor fixes a disfigured dancer's face, then kills other women to continue supplying living cells to maintain her beauty. No atomic stuff, no vampires. Original running time 105 minutes/video version 72 minutes/TV version 87 minutes. We'll try to get the long version so you can savor every moment.
Director: Anton Giulio Majano
Cast: No one you ever heard of
Vincent Price did it better in "Dr. Phibes Rises Again," sequel to his "The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971).

Let's see what Joe Bob hisself has to say about "Atom Age Vampire"
Okay dubbed Eyetalian flick about a girl that gets her face torn up in a car accident, goes to a doctor who injects her with "Derma 28" to make her the most beautiful woman in the world, and then finds out the doctor learned all his plastic surgery techniques at Hiroshima, which is why he turns into a gorilla every night, murders girls in their bedrooms, and cuts em open for body parts. A little slow. Not much blood. Two and a half stars

2000 Joe Bob Briggs All Rights Reserved
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