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angry.gif archiv.gif bart.gif bill bl_grade.gif blusquar.gif book book.gif check_in.gif closeup.gif coffee.gif construc.gif copyrigh.gif cross_re.gif cy_grade.gif devil.gif disk.gif doc.gif drunk.gif earth.gif exclaim.gif eyes.gif eyesleft.gif fixed.gif foot_mot.gif form.gif ftp.gif ftpdir.gif gr_grade.gif grover.gif help.gif hot.gif idea.gif inform.gif l_hand.gif lb_dash.gif lb_grade.gif list.gif mail.gif mailto.gif mana_blk.gif mana_blu.gif mana_grn.gif mana_red.gif mana_wit.gif movie.gif mr_yuk.gif navigati.gif new-feat.gif new.gif note.gif painting.gif pi_dash.gif pi_grade.gif picture.gif plasma.gif pr_dash.gif pr_grade.gif private.gif qbblnksm.gif qbsidesm.gif qbsmile.gif qu_book.gif r_hand.gif rd_dash.gif rd_grade.gif ribbar.gif sad.gif script.gif silly.gif smiley.gif smileyt.gif sound.gif sound03.gif speed0.gif speed1.gif sq_line.gif star.gif th_dn.gif th_up.gif tm.gif updated.gif wry.gif yin_yang.gif yl_dash.gif yl_grade.gif

We also have a special gif which is an invisible 1-pixel by 1-pixel gif which can be used as a spacer. It's called invis.gif .

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