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Opportunity: Choice...

... is a movement of athletes, entertainers, and business and political leaders to celebrate and encourage school choice.

We are grateful for the opportunities we've had -- and hope to see the day when all children will enjoy real public and private alternatives in education.

To meet our supporters and read our statement of principles, click here. You may also click below to read individual statements and articles by key supporters of Opportunity: Choice...

If you linked to this site because you received an invitation from Charlie Ward, Cris Carter, Randall Cunningham, Robert Brooks, Reggie White, or Jack Kemp to one of our forthcoming events in New York, Chicago, and other cities -- and would like to attend or support us -- please get in touch. To send us an e-mail indicating your interest in one of these unique events -- a chance to meet with your favorite sports stars and help support our schools at the same time -- just click here.

You are welcome to contact
us for more information
by calling Gregory Fossedal,
Ken Brown, or Chris Braunlich at:


You may also e-mail us:

Thank you for your interest.

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Merton Hanks, John Mackey, Hardy Nickerson, Scott Turner, Michael Dean Perry, and Rosey Grier --
just some of the leaders in a growing movement of athletes who believe
parents, children, and teachers should have education options.

Opportunity: Choice is a research and information program supported by the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution of Arlington, Virginia, and Urban Hope of Green Bay, Wisconsin. We are not affiliated with the National Football League, National Basketball Association, or any of their trademarked franchises or affiliates. Information and photographs depicting or reporting on these is provided for identification purposes only.

AdTI, which is posting this web site, wishes to express special thanks to Reggie and Sara White of Urban Hope, Randall Cunningham and Cris Carter and their families, Keith Johnson of Christian Athletes United for Spritual Empowerment, Bill Horn of Straight From the Heart Ministries, and Charlie and Tonja Ward for their active and generous efforts.

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