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Bengal's the Exotic Leopard Look a Like!

TenderHeart Bengals
Dawn Needham
800 3rd St. NW
Waseca, MN 56093
(507) 835-1017

What is a Bengal?

The Bengal breed is very unique breed of domestic cat. They are a domestic cat, they just have the wild look of the Asian Leopard Cat. They are different in many ways but not wild. Bengals started as a hybrid cat resulting from the cross breeding of a Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat. The Asian Leopard Cat is a small wild cat, weighing between 8 and 15 pounds. The type of cats used to cross with the wild cats have been the Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Abyssinian and even the domestic spotted tabby at times. The Bengal breed first originated from deliberately crossing the Asian Leopard Cat and a house cats. The first time cross with a leopard parent and house cat parent is called an F1 generation. An F2 generation is the offspring of the F1, and F3 is the off spring of the F2. The fourth and so on generations are of Bengal to Bengal breeding and are of a different designation called "SBT". A lot of work has been done to get this great domestic exotic, well tempered Bengal cat. Fourth generation Bengals are very sweet, loving cats. This of which you as a pet owner will be getting and owning. The Bengal is a registered breed with The International Cat Association (TICA). Also recently the American Cat Fancy Association (ACFA) is allowing the Bengal into their hearts and show rings.

What does a Bengal look like?

The Bengal was created for all of us who want and love those BIG CATS and canít really have one, itís just not right or legal in most states. The Bengal on the other hand has the look of the Wild Cat with the temperament of the a sweet, loving house cat. Bengals have two patterns, spotted being the most common. The colors of the background can range from golden brown, rust, and orange, to a sand, buff, off white or ivory. The spots color range from chocolate brown to charcoal/inky black. This making their look stand out. Spots can vary in size and have rosetting. Rosetting is a two-toned colored spot that is dark on the outside with a lighter center. The other pattern found in the Bengal is the Marble. One color is swirled into another, given it a marbleized look to the coat. This pattern is very unique and beautiful. An ivory/white based with tan to gray markings are referred to as the "Snow" Bengals. Snows usually come with blue,a aqua,green or gold eyes. The only Bengal type allowed to have blue eyes. Spotted and Marble Bengals have gold/yellow or green eye color. Bengalís are a medium to medium-large sized cat, with solid boning and a muscular build. They have a long body type, with their hind legs rising slightly higher than the front. Shoulder blades are visible, and with the their head and tail carried low, giving them the wild stalking appearance. Males range between 12 and 15 pounds and females between 8 and 10 pounds. A Bengals fur or called "pelt" is of great uniqueness of this breed. The pelted fur of a Bengal is plush and silky soft to the touch. You can tell a Bengal from your other average house cats just by feel. Its like no other! The other characteristic to the fur is that it can be "glittered". This glittering is gold flecks thoughout their pelt, looking as if some one poured gold dust over them. It is beautiful to see as there laying in the sun bathing. Glitter is not found on all Bengals and not required, just an added extra to an already wonderful looking Breed of cats.

TenderHeart Buddy!
Up and Coming New Stud! Were very proud of him!

What sets the Bengal apart from the Others?

This breed the Bengal, has a growing interest, and everyone often wonder if they're a well tempered cat. Bengals are by NO means bad tempered. They have a Wild look, NOT nature! This breed is very loving and sweet, with gentle temperaments. They are different from other breeds in many ways though, because of the unique heritage. This uniqueness can be seen in many of their activities and little pleasures. They love to climb, as all cats will. They also have a unique love of water. Most Bengals love to play in water, thus coming from the Asian Leopard Cat. Your fish tank will have to be covered, or you may have more than a fish swimming in there. They have been known by some Bengal owners to even shower with them!! Other interesting characteristics of the Bengal Breed are their semi-wild facial appearance, and along with the conventional "meow", many Bengals have extended vocabularies and/or have a more "gravely" tone to their voice. They will make chatters and chirping sounds. They can be taught to fetch as well. Giving you both hours of entertainment, cause they keep bring the paper ball or object of there choice back to you. Unlike other cats growing and becoming an adult, the Bengal Breed kittens go through a fuzzy stage between 6 and 10 weeks old. A trait from the Asian Leopard Cat. The fuzzies are camouflage and their coats become blurry and you can hardly tell their pattern. Protecting the kitten from predators. Though they're not preyed upon by other animals, people maybe!! It is neat, though it can make them look ugly for that time. The fuzzies do go away, and thankfully go back into the wonderful an beautiful pattern and color their known for. Bengals do not develop their final true adult coloration or size until they are around one year old.

Is a Bengal for you?

Bengals are Intelligent, Affectionate, Inquisitive and Lively, they're a joy to own! If a lazy cat is what you are looking for, this breed is not for you. Their quite athletic and active. Bengals can be leery of strangers but are very loyal and loving to their owners. In general, the personality of the Bengal is loving and personable. They thrive on human love and attention and get along exceptionally well with other pets, and children.

KitznKatz Catera of TenderHeart
Stunning Girl with a Wild Look!!

Why a TenderHeart Bengal?

My Bengals are of Grand Champion Lines. I searched for the perfect breeder to help me establish a breeding program that, I and the ownerís of my cats/kittens can be proud of. I have a small breeding program, and all my cats/kittens are raised under my roof and under our feet!! All my cats/kittens are well socialized and get the attention they deserve. I decided to do this out of love for the breed. Bengals are in my opinion, the greatest cats to own. Getting my first Bengal was like putting a little jungle in my home. It was the best decision I ever made! I guarantee that owning a look-a-like leopard (Bengal) will bring you and your family great joy !! All my cat/kittens are vet checked and health certified and current with shots. I will provide a pedigree and registration papers on completion of the contract that will be included in the sale of any of my cats/kittens. I feed all my cats/kittens Nutro's(dry) and a morning treat of Nutro's Natural Choice(wet) mixed with Nutro's(dry). I am a member of The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS). My Cattery is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). I will sell my cats/kittens based on quality of their marking and according to the breed standard for their type. The average size of a Bengal litter is four. It is best to put a deposit on one early because these beautiful cats do go fast and many times I have a waiting list. I require a deposit of a minnium of $100.00 which will be non refundable, to hold a cat/kitten and if there is a need, payment arrangements can be set up with you that will fit your budget. Call or E-mail for Information and Pictures on available kittens.

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