We'll start with Edsel...

Next we have Acey..

Last but not least it's me with the dope bros.

Well these pics are really outdated.. GOOD! But about a year and a half old.. How would ya like to see some brand fuckin' new ones? Good.. Check em out.. These were taken at the House of Blues in Chicago.. 8/27/00

Here we are, right in front row! Cheryl, Sarah and me.. You can't see my face tho cuz I happened to look away when the pic was taken =(
Edsel and I after the show..
Again.. This is my favorite =) He's the cutest guy ever =D
Simon and I...
Preston looking his MeAnEsT!!!!!
My friend Teri and I with Acey!
It's Tripp and me! LMAO!!!!!

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