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Welcome to My Home Page


Hi, I'm Marlene.
Thanks for visiting my home page.

I have been living in eastern Minnesota since 1984, and have actually come to like it here. I love all the trees and lakes. Although, I must say, I hate the cold, the mosquitoes, and the ticks. I stay, because I have family nearby.

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Computers are my primary interest. I'm usually on here at least 12 hours a day. I work as a Website Designer and Computer Consultant. I have a wide range of duties. One of my favorites, is tutoring home schooled children. I love working with children. I also teach sign language. And, during tax season I volunteer for AARP doing taxes free of charge for the elderly and low income people in the area.

I love animals, all animals. I sometimes think my cat is my best friend, after my friends on the internet, of course. She is spoiled rotten, and can be a real bother when I'm working, or playing. She loves to lay across my right arm when I'm trying to type. But, I still love her. :o)

Ok, something a little more personal... I am 46, single, have brown hair and brown eyes, 5'6". Weight? You know you aren't supposed to ask a lady that question! And, I am a lady, most of the time. ;-) Any more questions? Just ask! I love answering questions. Honest! I'll answer every question. Although, some may be answered, "I don't know." or, "None of your business." That doesn't happen very often. Ask me and see! :^)

Check out some of my links and please, don't be afraid to email me! Getting mail is a highlight of my day.

Keep smiling and be safe.

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