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M. F. D. Station #5.... W. T. C. photos

World Trade Center Photos

These photos are from the World Trade Center disaster on Sept. 11th 2001. All photos are "thumbnailed" for faster loading. You can click on each picture to see a larger photo. I recommend right clicking, then select "open in new window". You can bookmark (add to favorites) THIS page.

Preface: (Please Read)

These World Trade Center photos have been gathered from various sites or have been sent to me. I was not there. I did not take any of these photos. I do not have the sources for each photo to give credit. I believe all of these photos are available widespread enough and are public domain. Again, I get no credit for them.

The photos are not graphic nor will they shock you. There are no "jumper" photos and there are no "bloody shots". One set of 3 pictures might bring some emotion. The 3 photos are of Father Mychal Judge who is being carried away in obvious distress. I included these photos because if you are looking at this site, chances are you are a firefighter, know a firefighter, or have interest in becoming a firefighter. This is what we as firefighters see. This is what we do for a living and I chose not to hide the fact that we often see some not so pretty sites at times.

Some of the photos are large while some are small. Some photos are clear and some are blurry. The photos taken of firefighters going up the stairwells of the WTC are blurry as they were apparently taken while exiting the tower via stairwell as firefighters were walking up. They are included because you can still get a sense of what is going on... endless people leaving the burning tower as the true heroes, our buddies from FDNY, assend to help put the fire out. Hopefully we will never forget what the men & women of FDNY sacrificed and that we will remember all 343 who gave their lives protecting others.

I tried to put the photos in a logical order in 6 categories: (1) Towers Burning (2) Towers Falling (3) The Firefighters Are Coming (4) The Rubble (5) Firefighters At Work (6) Rig Destruction. Most of the unseen before photos are on Page 2 and deal with the aftermath and the destruction left behind by the sickening act done on this day.

There are currently 97 photos on the next 3 pages. All photos are "Thumbnailed" for faster loading. The small pics can be viewed by clicking on them. The best way to see the larger photos is to Right Click your mouse on one and choose "Open in New Window" which keeps the page open and you don't have to Go Back after looking at each picture you select.

World Trade Center photos are here.... W. T. C. photos

last updated on: March 27th 2002 Photo count: 97 (on 3 pages)

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