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M. F. D. Station #5.....Page 3

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Pics added on Dec. 16th 1998

Trixie, Blondie, and Tex

prepare a Station 5

tradition......Sunday Brunch.

Tanya (Trixie) and Travis (Tex)

reload hose on Engine 5

after another fire.

Ace and Tex try and claim

credit for a B-shift fire on

the following morning.

Tex and Trixie also stake

claim on the B-shift fire.

Engine 5 gets firefighting

practice at the Dept's

new burn building.

Tex and Blondie get ready for

another burn building scenario.

Ace and Blondie await

another chance to go

in the burn building.

Tex and Blondie pick-up

hose after another burn

building battle.

Tex at "home" at 5's.

The obligatory Engine 5 group photo

(L to R): Ace, Trixie, Blondie, Tex.

Blondie proudly models

the Minneapolis Fire &

Rescue t-shirt.

Tex poses for

another photo.

Tex in another pose....

New 1999 home for Tex?

Sta 1/Sta 16 swing.

Trixie and Blondie are

working??? at another

house fire.

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