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M. F. D. Station #5.....Page 2

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Pics added June 2000-Feb 2002

red bordered pics (4) added Feb 8th 2002

The A shift gets some Squrt practice:

Baraka, Tex, & Trixie back for 2001.

Travis gets ready to put out a car

fire with Byron ready to open the hood.

Engine 5 is always there to help, including

at this roll-over @ 28th/Chicago.

Engine 5 crew makes sure all occupants

are out and accounted for.

Travis gets ready on the back-up line

from a recent fire in Station 8's area.

Travis and Ace get ready for the

back-up line to get charged.

Engine 5 "A" crew gets practice with

the Hovercraft that is now at Station 5.

Tex and Baraka work hard everyday, this

time clearing the ice from a street drain.

Byron (Baraka) returns to Engine 5

for another year on the A shift.

Ace makes sure he doesn't

forget his keys this time!

Trix shows how easy it is

to operate Engine 5's Squrt.

Tex is happy to be able to spend

another year on Engine 5!!

Engine 5 approaches another car fire

that needs to be put out.

Andy and Ace start getting

water on the car fire.

Engine 5 crew summoned

again to another fire in an alley.

Engine 5 arrives to help at a vehicle vs. pole

crash at 28th St/Bloomington Ave.

Ace proudly shows the crown

of being the "Burger King".

"Big B" gets a birthday

celebration cake from the "A" shift.

Ace and Jeremy get ready

to put out a simple car fire.

With-in seconds, the fire is out

and Mike is ready to overhaul it.

Engine 5 helps out at this vehicle

accident 4 blocks from the Station.

Another nighttime fully involved

van fire in Station 5's area.

Mike: senior firefighter

on the "C" shift.

After a fire, Birthday Boy Ace shows

off with his cake proclaiming him "King"!!

Trix gives Tex and Byron a quick

refresher on pumping operations.

Byron gets practice with the

remote Squrt control for Engine 5.

Birthday Boy Byron shows

his birthday cake!! (created by Trixie).

Byron is surprised by his gifts....

including some lovely dish towels!

Mike gets ready to test the

icey waters of Powderhorn Lake.

Engine 5 helps out at this

car vs. pole accident.

on a rainy night, Engine 5 uses the

"fast way" to put out a dumpster fire.

Travis is forced to follow behind

with the "Kiddie" snowblower!!

Capt. Ace takes a quick

break from another fire.

Tex and Ace: Ready for any

fire that comes for Engine 5.

Engine 5 was quick to arrive and

help at this crash near the station.

Just a cool pic of Engine 5 with Squrt

in front of the old Sears complex.

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