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Official Homepages

Lon Chaney Sr. and Jr.'s Homepage
Lon Chaney Sr. and Jr.'s Homepage

Dwight Frye's Homepage

Boris Karloff's Homepage

Bela Lugosi's Homepage
or www.belalugosi.com

David Manners's Homepage

Fan Pages

Classic horror films with The Missing Link

Lon Chaney Sr.'s Home Page

Lon Chaney Jr.'s Home Page

The Haunted Mansion

Denise Rednour's Haunted Mansion

Edgar Allan Poe Tribute Page

The Whistling Reaper

Box of Monsters

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Terror Universal - Universal Monsters in Spanish!

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The Crypt Wars Page!

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Creepy Horror Links With Information

Click here for information on the real Dracula

Click here for information on Frankenstein

Click here for information on the Werewolf