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Welcome to my home on the web. This is where I tell stories about my all so wonderful life. Yes this is a rant page. It is something that I need to have to display my feelings about whatever is on my mind. I know it isn't the best thing to do it on, but what can I helps.

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Thursday August 12, 2004

So where have I been lately? haha I have been posting rants but not on here. I have a brand new rant page that I started a couple of months ago. Yes I finally have a blog site. Here is the URL This is the new Blitz: Home on the web site. It is loaded with goodies. Enjoy it!!


Tuesday June 15, 2004

Tonight my class is graduating. I'm not going to be there because I'm not able to graduate. But it is my fault, I wasn't able to get the Co-op last summer. But it doesn't matter now because I have one this summer and I'm going to stick with it.

This is for Kat...I know I have been promising you for a long time now that I will write something about you in my it goes...Kat and I have something in common...we both luv Dave Thomson. We talk about him a lot. We both think he is amazing song writer and he is quite cute as well. She has met him in person(I have seen him, but I haven't had the pleasure of talking to him). But I know my day will come when I will go up to him and say hi Dave, how is it going?!! Anyhow I really think Dave looks hot in pink boxer shorts, don't you think so?

Oh yeah, I'm going out to a party tonight after my class graduates. It should be a lot of fun. I can't wait. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Guelph for a couple of days. That should be interesting.


Wednesday June 9, 2004

I'm so enjoying work right now. I love working with my fellow employees. I'm getting along very well with everyone so far. Which is very good. The job is fine. I wish I was doing something more productive to show off my skills...but being a parking attendant is fine for now.

Kirsten moved out of the house last weekend. I think it was a good thing for her. She needs a change in her life. I wish her the best. I'm still going to remain friends with her even though we probably won't see each other that much anymore. I still talk with her on MSN and that is fine with me. I'm sure we will once in a while hang out. I know she is coming down to visit us.

I had a nice chat with Jonathan last week over lunch. Him and Jen are no longer seeing each other, but they are going to remain friends. Which is cool. I hope they can still be good friends. Hopefully Jonathan will find someone else who will rock his world. It would be great.

The whole Andre and me being an item kinda stopped. It is too bad because I really did like him a lot. I still do have some feelings towards him. He is such a sweet guy. I really hope Luc treats him well. I only want the best for you Andre!! If you need to talk to me about anything...I'm always there for you buddy!!

Ok here is what I'm looking for in a guy...his height can be anywhere from 5" to 6"1, age 19 to 30, smart, funny, slim to musscules, weight 125lb to 160lb...short or long hair(doesn't really matter)...eye colour doesn't matter...penis size doesn't matter...uncut or cut doesn't matter to me...what turns me on the most is a swimmer's build for a body(oh yeah baby)...I want someone who is easy to talk with about anything...likes to go to bars, but also likes to chill out at home...also who likes to stay fit and do things outside...walking, biking, running, swimming...I need someone who likes to go dream date would be and my boifriend in a tent out in the woods...nobody around...we would be lying down in a sleeping bag for two...just kissing and making out with each other...then cuddling together as we listen to the nightlife around us...are there any guys out there for me??? lol


Wednesday May 26, 2004

Some random thoughts about my life these days...I finally have a job. I work for the Travelodge on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls. I just recently got hired by them. I worked all this passed weekend and I work again this Saturday. I can't wait to go there again. My job is a parking lot attendant. It may not sound so exciting but it is a job. You have to start somewhere and make your way to the top. That is what I'm planning to do. I have a chance to get promoted in the Fall. So I'm really looking forward to it! I'm going to try my hardest and do the best that I can.

Another issue in my life these days is the fact that I am confused about something. A few months ago I went to the bar with Jonathan. This was the first time I had seen him since we stopped talking to each other. We had a good time at the bar. We laughed, talked about things going on in our lives. We were catching up with each other. Then something happened. Jonathan told me a few interesting things. One thing he mentioned to me was he broke up with Jen because he couldn't love her back the way she loved him. I told him that night he looked really happy about it. And he agreed. Another thing he told me that night, he couldn't be mad at me and made up things about me to Jen and others(this was when we weren't talking to each other). Another thing he said, he wants me to be a part of his life and I mean a lot to him. Which is great...Now here is the confusing part of things...I found out last week Jon and Jen are back together. It makes no sense to me as to why they are together. Jon told me he couldn't love her...then why is he with her? Why does he want to hurt himself?

I don't think it is fair for Jon or for that matter Jen that they are together. Jon is such a great guy and I know he can find someone else besides Jen to be with. I really would like to talk with Jonathan about all of this. Hopefully he will come up with something to ease my mind about this whole thing. Like I have said in the past, all I want for Jonathan is for him to be happy.


Friday April 30, 2004

So here I am on a Friday night, typing away on my computer. Yey!! Things have been good in the last few months. I turned 25 in March, I met this really great boi named Andre and I'm finished my course!!

Ok lets start off with my birthday. My birthday was on a Monday night and of course everyone knows what that means(hehe)...that's right Pepper night!!! So I went there with a few of my closest friends(Kirsten, Alisha, Chris to name a few) and we had a blast. It was a good time that night. I really enjoy hanging out with them a lot. I hope they know they are real great friends to hang out with.

Now Andre, he is such a sweetie. I really like this guy a lot. And he really likes me too(which is really awesome) because he is the cutest guy I have ever seen. Anyhow we have been talking to each other for over a month now. Things are going great with us. The only thing now is...we need to meet each other in person!! I really believe Andre and myself have a great connection. I have never really had a connection with a guy so much. One of the reasons why I like Andre is he is kind and wonderful to talk with. And the fact that he finds me sexy!! ;) That is always a bonus for sure!! So I really hope something good comes out of this! I'm really looking forward to meeting my sexy guy named Andre!

I'm going to miss going to school. One of the main reasons why I'm going to miss going there is the people. I will miss most of students and teachers there. I made some really awesome friends in St. Catharines. I just want to take a second to make a few shout were the first person to talk to me and make me feel welcomed in class. We have developed this great friendship over the passed year and a half. I may not agree with everything you say, but I have to admit you have been real great with shared a cabin with me on the Cruiseship and that alone makes you a real special friend!! If someone could put up with me for that long, I give them great credit!! I loved working with Susan when we did group projects. I'm sorry if I slacked off a bit this year, but I managed to get things done in the end. I really enjoy talking with you too because I feel as though you and I have lots of things in common and we both can share. It is always fun talking with you....Chris you are one of the coolest guys I have ever met. I wished I had a chance to tell you that I'm gay before you went home. You don't know how many times I wanted to tell you. Everytime I wanted to mention it to you, something always prevented me from doing so! But I just wanted to let you I enjoy going out to the bars with you and maybe someday I will get a chance to go to Barrie to visit you.


Saturday February 14th, 2004

Yeh, so it is Valentine's Day and yet I am still alone. No boyfriend to hold and to love. Which kinda sucks right now. But what can you do? hehe

I'm planning to go out tonight to the Mansion House. There are only a couple of reasons why I want to go there. One reason being that I like the music there, and the second reason sometimes Dave Thomson drops in. I would like to talk to him and see how he is. He seems like a very nice guy to hang around with.I just want to him and just say hi and see if he would talk to me. It should be interesting if it happens.


Saturday January 12th, 2004

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I have been off the Cruise. Wow, time flys when you are having fun. I sure did have fun on the cruiseship.

I really loved going on it. I did so many things, met a lot of people and drank a lot as well. The Islands that I went on were Key West, Progresso, Cosimel, and Grand Cayman. Each Island had it owns best feature. Which was really nice.

The entertainment on the Cruiseship was really fun as well. There were a lot of shows to watch, and there were a lot of activies to do as well. Such as swimming, going to the casino, dancing and many other things.

I had a lot of fun sharing a room with Susan. She is a good roommate. We spent most of the time together on the ship and on the Islands. It was great times.

I spent a lot of money, but it was all for a good thing. I bought my parents and my sister some gifts. Of course I bought myself some gifts as well. I had fun spending my money. lol


Thursday January 8th, 2004

So today I'm going back to St. Catharines. I have been in Guelph since December 16th, 2003. It was a nice break from St. Catharines. It goes to show how much I miss be in St. Catharines. Guelph is a nice city, but my life in Guelph isn't as exciting as my life in St. Catharines. But I still had fun in Guelph. It is too bad I didn't get to see a lot of my friends here, but there is always another day.

When I get back to St. Catharines I'm going to phone up Jay and see if he wants to hang out. I know he has been going through some tough times lately and he can't wait till I get back. He needs a good friend right now. I just hope I can make him feel better.

Apparently I'm invited for dinner with Jamie tonight. That should be lots of fun. I can't wait to see her. She just moved into Rez and she is quite bored there right now. So it looks like I'm going to go see her and make sure she doesn't get bored. That should be fun.

Sometime I will have to call Susan and see where she moved. I haven't heard from her in a while, so I'm hoping to get a hold of her. We are supposed to be hanging out with each other Saturday night before we go on a plane together. Yes the Caribbean Cruise is coming closer everyday.

So I did something yesterday that I thought I would never do before. I shaved my chest. Yeah I decided to do it because I wanted to look nice on the cruise ship. You see I didn't really have a hairy chest to begin with. But I did have some hair on it, so I decided it was time to get rid of it. It took about 10 minutes to make it look nice and smooth. And the result looks really great. So when I'm walking along the beach or swimming in the pool, I hope guys(hot ones please!!!) will take noticed of me. lol

So I think that is all I have to say now. I will hopefully put up another rant before I leave Sunday morning. But who knows for sure.


Sunday January 4th, 2004

So ever since my roommate and good friend Kirsten asked me if I would give her a ride to the Canadian Idol auditons, I have been wondering maybe I should try out for them as well.

I have a good idea as to what songs I would want to sing, but there is a little a problem. I know I have a pretty good voice, but it is my nerves that is stopping me. i can't even sing in front of a small bunch of people. I always get nervous. I can't even do karaoke!!! So I'm guessing it wouldn't be a great idea to try out for Canadian Idol. Unless I want to be one of those people who can't sing or do embarasing things....hmmmm naw I don't think so.

Another thing I have been working on is a Dawson's Creek spoof. Yes a Dawson's Creek spoof. It is coming along all right. Now some of you are probably wondering why am I doing this? That is a good question and I have a good answer for it. I am doing this because I thought it would be a neat way to bring a bunch of friends together. You see it all goes back about a month and a half ago. Kirsten was telling me that she and her friend Dan from school both watch Dawson's Creek. She was telling me they talk about it all the time. So I was thinking just as a joke I would write a Dawson's Creek script. And I would use friends I know in it. So that is how it started out. I'm using friends I know as the characters from Dawson's Creek. Well sort of. It should be interesting. The spoof is called "Munsie's Way". Who is Munsie? Well you will have to find out shortly.


Thursday January 1st, 2004

Happy New Year!! So the year 2003 is over and now 2004 is here. Hmmmm I wonder what is going to happen for me this year?

I can't wait till I go on my cruise on January 11th, 2004. It is going to rock so much. I have been waiting for this trip ever since I heard about it. And in about 9 days it is going to happen. Yay!!! The cruise is going to be fun(I hope!!).


Sunday December 28th, 2003

Well the year 2003 is almost finished. What a year it has been for me. There were a lot of high things for me and there were some low thins for me as well. But I still enjoyed the year 2003 and I hope 2004 is just as good or even better. I decided I would write my "Top Ten Favourite Highlights" of 2003. So here we go...

10) Walking Alisha's dogs in the Shorthills paths. That was really fun and muddy.
9) Moving to St. Catharines and joining the 40th St. Catharines Scout Troop.
8) Moving out of rez and into Patti's house. I learned so much from her. She gave me some real good advice and she never lied to you and told you straight forward. Which I thought was great.
7) Studying with Susan for any test. It was always fun. She is such a great friend.
6) Eating lunch in the cafe with all of my friends. It was pretty awesome. Kirsten is such a great cafe lady.
5) Meeting Jay and having him take me out to see Drag Queens. That was a lot of fun.
4) Moving into 22 Rosemore and meeting Kirsten and Darell and the rest of my roommates.
3) Going with Alisha and seeing David Usher live in TO. That was way too much fun. Also looking for a washroom on Younge Street. That was insane!
2) Going out with Patti to the Mansion House and listening to some great live music(The Smoothies) and seeing Dave Thomson in person...that was a great highlight ;)
1) Going out to the Pepper on Monday Nights with Alisha, Kirsten and the rest of the gang. Very fun indeed.


Sunday October 19, 2003

Wow this semester has gone so fast this year. It is already the middle of October now. I have some good tests and some bad tests. Overall I'm doing fine. I could do better. I know I need to do better in class, but the rest of the classes I could improve in as well.

I'm liking my new place where I'm living. It is such a cool place. I have access to a hot tub, pool, and a gazebo. The gazebo in located on top of a ravine. Which is really sweet(a good place to do some making out...only wish I had someone to make out with lol). But who knows maybe I might have someone soon...

I actually made a meal today for a couple of my roommates. I made tacos. And it was very VERY yummy. It is very easy to make as well. I live with six other roommates and we all seemed to get a long. I have to tell you, I'm starting to really like Thai food. It is probably the best food I have ever had. It is very good and spicey. I'm starting to like very hot stuff(thanks to Patti) hehe. I like to put hot sauce on a lot of food now.

Well I finally had the courage to talk to Jonathan last weekend. It went good, our talk. I think we both understand we can get through this mess and still be friends in the end. That is all I really want from him. To have him part of my life. So I'm going to give him more time think it over and hopefully we will be hanging out with each other in the near future.


Saturday September 6, 2003

A new school year is just about to begin for me. I'm really looking forward to it. I get to see people I haven't seen for a few months, plus I will be busy doing something that I love to do! Of course that could very well change in the near

I think I'm ready for school. Well I mean I bought my parking pass yesterday and I have all the paper that I need...what is really interesting about this course, most of my materials is going to be online. So I need internet access-which I have, so I don't have to worry about it!

Everyone who knows me, knows that Jonathan and I are not getting along right now. In fact we haven't talked to each other in months(we have talked once, but only for a minute). I understand why he is pissed off at me and for a good reason. But lately I have been reading his blog site and I have been really moved by some of his rants that he has written. What he has wrote is so true about people. But by reading some of things he has written, he is hurting(wether he wants to admit it or not).

I really would like to talk to him about some of the stuff that he has written down because I think it may involve me...or maybe not. Even if it doesn't involve me, I still would like to help him find out what has been on his mind for the passed two years that is not letting him move on. I just hopes he finds what it is that is bothering him. I really hopes it makes him happy. Because in the end, he deserves happiness no matter what it is.


Monday July 14th, 2003

Wow it has been a long time since I last posted a rant on here. I guess the reason why I haven't put up a rant was because I got tired of doing them. Plus shitty stuff had been happening in my life at that time.

But lets not talk about the bad stuff and lets look at the positive stuff in my life right now. For instance I'm living in a house right now with two roommates. They are Patti and Troy. Patti owns the house that Troy and myself live in. She is pretty cool. Both Patti and myself are in the same course(I probably already mentioned this before). Troy is Patti's younger brother. He is an awesome artist. His pictures are the best. I was thinking maybe with his permision I could post some pictures of his art work on this site.

I'm finished both semesters of College. Now I'm looking for a Co-op placement and I have yet to find one. Pretty soon I will be going back to College in the fall. I can't wait to do that. I kind of miss school. It was really fun and exciting. I met a whole bunch of people and I can't wait to meet new friends at school.

Anyhow that is all I have to say for now, who knows when I will post another rant on here...I don't even know if that was a rant really...