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Close! Close! LDS Games - Screen Savior
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LDS Games - Screen Savior is a fun and educational way for LDS to protect their screens from the shadowy images that can appear when the same motionless display sits on your screen too long and screen phosphor is destroyed. This problem is called burn-in. After your computer has been inactive for a set period of time, LDS Games - Screen Savior presents a screen-saving animated display.

LDS Games - Screen Savior has many modules to choose from including: the Thirteen Articles of Faith, The Ten Commandments, The Proclomation to the Family, The Young Women's Values, the complete Seminary Scripture Mastery List, and more!
Each LDS Games - Screen Savior Display has settings that control its behavior, appearance, and actions. Below the Mini-Preview monitor are sliders, pop-up menus, and other options that you can use to modify the behavior of the selected Display. Since each module is fully customizable you have virtually hundreds of varrying screen saving effects to choose from.

Not only is LDS Games - Screen Savior fun to use but it is also educational, helping one memorize scriptures and inspirational thoughts that uplift and inspire.

Download and try our Shareware version of LDS Games - Screen Savior absolutly free!
We hope you enjoy LDS Games - Screen Savior!

Download : LDS Games - Screen Savior 1.01 (291kb)

Screen Savior Features
LDS Educational Content
256 Color Graphics
Inspirational Midi Hymns
100's of Variations


Screen Savior
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