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Prophet Pick-Up is a game that will tax your memory. Your objective in Prophet Pick-Up is to find and match the blocks by clicking on the squares with the mouse. In a two player game this not only gives you another point but allows you another turn. Try to beat the best times listed in the Prophet Pick-Up Hall of Fame and get your name listed for each level of play.

Prophet Pick-Up is meant to be used as a fun interactive way for child to adult to learn about the modern day Prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It has been based on the popular card game of concentration.

Through the various levels of play you can learn the names, faces, important dates and the correct order of the Prophets that have lived in modern times. Also included are interesting and little known facts of each of the prophets. Make sure to pay attention to these Prophet facts (especially when you first start to play), the more you know about each of them the better you will be at Prophet Pick-Up.

Download : Prophet Pick-Up 1.0 (246kb)


Prophet Pick-Up
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