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Close! Close! LDS Games - LDS Puzzles 1.0
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LDS Games - LDS Puzzles includes two games in one!  LDS Picture Puzzles and LDS Word Search Puzzles.
If you like puzzles, LDS Games LDS Puzzles is the game for you. Fully customizable with many modules and expantion sets ensures LDS Puzzles is sure to become a family favorite for all ages.

In LDS Picture Puzzles you must try to arrange the mixed puzzle pieces into the correct order as soon as possible by moving the pieces one at a time to complete the picture. One piece is missing and allows you to move the pieces. If you complete the puzzle in a new record time you get to place your name into the Top Ten Times list! (LDS Games - LDS Picture Puzzles is fully customizable and allows you to utilize any LDS pictures from the World Wide Web.)

LDS Word Search Puzzles is a hidden word search game. Words are placed on the board that are all included in a certain subject (Many modules are available). The player is then timed while he finds the words that are included in the list to the right of the playing board. Once all the words in the list have been found the board is cleared and a Hidden Word is revealed from the unused letters on the board. The Player then is to unscramble the mystery word before the time runs out. If you are successful you receive the remaining time on the timer off your total time it took to complete the puzzle.

LDS Games - LDS Puzzles is at 32 bit application designed specifically for Windows 95 or 98. LDS Puzzles will not run on a Windows 3.1 system.

Order: LDS Puzzles 1.0

Game Features
32 bit programming for Win 95/98
Fully Customizable
Over 10 Modules of Word Search Fun
LDS Educational Content
Quick access Toolbar
Quick View Status Bar
Interacitve Help Included
LDS Games Web Browser Included

Additional Expansion Packs
Available Soon !


LDS Puzzles
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