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In 1991 Damian Dame were the first act signed to LaFace Records. They had three hits from their debut album, "Exclusivity", "Right Down To It" and "Gotta Learn My Rhythm". Deah Dame wrote the lyrics and Damian wrote the music. Deah loved to write songs. Deah particulary preferred singing ballads because she said that "there was a strong emotional impact both to singer and audience when the song was done right." Deah originally was going to be a solo act but after Damian heard her voice on a demo tape from another musician he was determined to sing with her. She was blessed with a limitless vocal range. Only a year after they met they formed the duo Damian Dame and put out their self titled album. Before finishing their second album Deah's physical life was taken away by a fatal car accident after losing control of her car in a thunderstorm on July 4, 1994. She was age thrity six. In 1995 Damian moved on and put out a solo album called "Damian 199sex", which is on "Chip Records and H & H Productions. He dedicated the album and a wrote a special song in her Deah's memory called "Guess You Didn't Know". Unfortunately stomach cancer took Damian on what now is even more of a mystery on July 4 1996, strangely enough the same date as Deah but 2 years apart and about a month after his solo album came out.

Deah Dame was born Debra Jean Hurd in Houston Texas and raised in San Jose California. She was 5'1", very soft spoken, poetic, spiritual, deep, quite articulate, very focused and quite a conservative dresser. As quoted by her father, as an infant she was already humming out tunes. She sang in the choir with her 2 older sisters Chic and Diane, and at the age of 18 she toured with a band. Debra also had an album out prior to Damian Dame. She had a self titled album "Debra Hurd", on David Geffen Records in 1983. She performed cover songs such as "Gotta Broken Heart Again" by "Prince" and "Hug Me Squeeze Me" by Brandon Barnes and Calvin Frost. She also song on "Babyface's" album "Lovers". She sung a duet with him called "Faithfull", and can be heard at the beginning of the song "Lovers". She also has worked with "The Deele", "Karyn White" & "Pebbles." Chilli who's now in the group TLC, got her start as a dancer with Damian Dame. Deah's musical influences were Deniece Williams, Teena Marie, Minnie Ripperton and Chaka Kahn.

Damian was born Bruce Edward Broadus in Battle Creek Michigan. Damian taught himself the piano at the age of nine. By sixteen he was already playing in clubs in Kalamazoo. He was 6'1", wore a lot of ying/yang jewelry and a free spirit who kept it real. He was one of the coolist/hip people around. He/Damian Dame also has a cut on the soundtrack "Boomerang" called "Reversal Of A Dog". His musical influences were Michael Jackson and Prince among others.