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Every week I will update this at least twice to show your match results

Bulbasaur vs. Cubone

Brach comes out and then Jack. They release their Pokemon. Bulbasaur go!!! Cubone go!!! Bulbasaur uses a tackle but Cubone jumps over it. Cubone uses bone club!!! Bulbasaur is down but not long. He gets up and uses growl which weakens Cubone. He then uses tackle and hits dead on!!! Cubone lies helplessly on the ground. His only hope is to use growl. He does!!! Bulbasaur falls over. Cubone comes to do his bone club but Bulbasaur was just faking it!!! He gets up and tackles Cubone. Cubone has had enough. Jack admits defeat. Brach has won with Bulbasaur!!!

Nidoran vs. Charmander

David comes out and then Kyle. Their Pokemon are released. Nidoran go!!! Charmander go!!! Charmander immediatly growls.Nidoran is shaken but he gets off a leer. Nidoran tries to tackle but Charmander dodges and scratches him. He then uses growl again and Nidoran goes down. Charmander meanwhile goes to scratch him. Nidoran gets up slowly and tries to tackle but isn't strong enough. Gary calls him back. Charmander has won!!!

Weedle vs. Zubat

Greg comes out with Weedle and Eric comes with Zubat. They release their Pokemon. Go Weedle!!! Zubat I choose you!!! Weedle goes for the Poison Sting but Zubat flies up and misses it. Zubat tries Leech Life and hits, draining Weedle's hit points. But Weedle's not giving up!!! He gets up and hits with the String Shot then the Poison Sting!!! Zubat is poisoned. Eric calls him back just as Weedle was doing another Poison Sting. Weedle wins!!!

Squirtle vs. Caterpie

First comes out adam with Caterpie and then Derek with Squirtle. They are released. Caterpie go!!! Go Squirtle!!! Squirtle immediatly hits with a tackle. He moves in closer. Caterpie gets up and surprises him with a String Shot. Squirtle hits again with a tackle but this time he gets Caterpie with a tail whip. He tail whips again lowering Caterpie's defense. Caterpie is shaken but manages to use a tackle. In a last minute effort he tries a String Shot but it is helpless. Squirtle tackkles and Caterpie lies sprawled out on the ground. Adam calls in Caterpie and tells him that he did a great job and he will win next time. But for this match Squirtle wins!!!

Oddish vs. Cubone
Nick first comes with Oddish and then Jack comes with Cubone. Oddish I choose you!!! Go Cubone!!! Cubone hits Oddish with his Bone Club but without effect. Oddish uses Absorb to lower Cubone's hit points. Cubone growls and growls again. Oddish really doesn't seem worried. Cubone uses Bone Club. Oddish smiles at him??? He uses absorb again and Cubone falls. You have to love the spirit that Cubone is showing but there isn't much hope for him. He struggles to climb to his feet. He uses every last ounce of energy left to growl but it's no use. Jack sees this and tries to return Cubone but he won't come. Cubone doesn't want to give up!!! He hits Oddish (who had been dancing at his victory not knowing the match was still going on) with his Bone Club. Both of the Pokemon are now lying on the ground. The Master's of the pokemon both agree to a draw. Both pokemon win!!!
Exeggcute vs. Eevee
Matt walks out with is Exeggcute and David R. with his Eevee. The Pokemon are released. Exeggcute uses Barrage and gets off 3 attacks before Eevee gets out of the way. Eevee tackles. Exeggcute uses Hypnosis but misses. Eevee tries for a Sand Attack and knocks down Exeggcute. He tackles again. Exeggcute gets up and hits him with a hypnosis. Eevee is powerful but is still affected. He falls asleep in the middle of the match!!! There is nothing that David R. can do at this point so he calls back, the still asleep, Eevee. Exeggcute wins!!!
Bulbasaur vs. Charmander
Brach comes with Bulbasaur and Kyle with Charmander. Their Pokemon are released. Charmander go!!! Bulbasaur attack!!! Bulbasaur goes for a tackle and Charmander for a scratch. They hit each other and they both go down. Neither of them are moving. Both trainers call in their Pokemon and both have won on a call of a double knock out!!!
Nidoran vs. Cubone
David comes out with his Nidoran and Jack with a cubone. They release their Pokemon. Cubone-bone-bone!!! I choose Nidoran!!! Cubone growls. Nidoran is not impressed. He tackles Cubone. He runs after Cubone and gets a Bone Club in his face. Cubone uses Bone Club again. Nidoran is really hurting. David can see this and knows he can't go on much longer. He tries a leer but Nidoran cabn't do it. The winner of the match is Cubone.
Bulbasaur vs. Squirtle
Brach comes out with Bulbasaur and Derek comes with Squirtle. They are released. Bulbasaur I choose you!!! Go Squirtle!!! Bulbasaur tackles. Squirtle does the same. Bulbasaur uses growl. Squirtle tries tail whip and misses. Bulbasaur tackles him again and Squirtle goes down. Derek calls him back and it looks like this match is over. Brach defeats Derek.
Eevee vs. Oddish
David R. has Eevee and Nick has Oddish. Zebey has Oddish dance around to distract Eevee and then uses Absorb. It is very affective. Oddish steals Eevee's power. Eevee is weakened. He tries to tackle but is too weak. David R. won't quit but he knows his Eevee won't last much longer so he calls him in. Nick is the winner with Oddish.
Charmander vs. Zubat
Kyle comes out with Charmander and Eric comes out with Zubat. Charmander scratches and leaves a nasty gash threw Zubat's head. Zubat uses leech life to gain back some energy. Charmander scratches again and this time Zubat's leech life is unsuccessful. Charmander gives him one more good scratch and Zubat falls from the sky. Eric brings him back and Kyle's Charmander wins.
Eevee vs. Bulbasaur
Brach releases Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur get 'em!!! David R. sends out Eevee, go Eevee!!! Bulbasaur opens with his new move leech seed. It sticks onto Eevee. Eevee tackles. Not very effective. Leech seed sucks life from Eevee. Bulbasaur is renewed. He tackles. Eevee is weakened. He tries a sand attack and is successful. Bulbasaur gains more life from leech seed. He goes for a tackle but David returns Eevee before he can hit. Bulbasaur wins!!!
Sandshrew vs. Bulbasaur
Bulbasaur comes out with Brach and the newly added member Sandshrew comes down with Quentin. Bulbasaur go!!! Get 'em Sandshrew!!! Bulbasaur opens with leech seed as he did against Eevee. Sandshrew scratches. Bulbasaur continues leech seed and steals Sandshrew's health. He then tackles. Sandshrew is not looking good. He is going to have to return. Bulbasaur wins again!!!
Vulpix vs. Oddish
Brach walks out but this time not with his regular pokemon Bulbasaur. Instead he brings out Vulpix. Nick comes out with Oddish. Get'm Vulpix!!! Go Oddish!!! Vulpix opens with ember, but Oddish dodges. He starts to dance. Vulpix gets a very puzzled look on his face. He tries ember again but Oddish keeps dodging. Vulpix doesn't know what to do. Suddenly, Oddish stops. He uses Absorb. He takes away Vulpix' hit points. He does it again and Vulpix faints. Oddish wins!!!
Pidgey vs. Bellsprout
David rejoins and comes out with Bellsprout and Misty with Pidgey. Bellsprout go!!! Pidgey I choose you!!! Bellsprout uses Vine Whip. Pidgey uses gust. Bellsprout is unaffected. He uses Drain life. Pidgey faints. Bellsprout wins!!!
Bellsprout vs. Squirtle
Daivid comes off of a victory against Misty to face Derek's Squirtle. Bellsprout go!!! Squirtle, use water gun!!! Bellsprout is hit but it isn't very affective. Bellsprout uses Vine whip. Squirtle is hurt by it but he uses tackle. Bellsprout again isn't very affected. He uses Drain life. Squirtle faints. Bellsprout wins again!!!
Zubat vs. Caterpie
Eric walks out with Zubat and Adam with Caterpie. Go Zubat!!! Caterpie, I choose you!!! Zubat uses Leech life. He sucks health from caterpie. Caterpie tackles. Zubat uses leech life again and it is all over. Zubat wins!!!
Bulbasaur vs. Pidgey
Brach walks out with Bulbasaur and Misty with her Pidgey. Bulbasur attack!!! Go Pidgey!!! Bulbasaur uses leech seed but it misses. Pidgey uses gust. Bulbasaur tries for leech seed again. It attaches to Pidgey and drains her life. Pidgey is taken back in by Misty. Bulbasaur wins yet again!!!
Pikachu vs. Mankey
Brach comes out with a different pokemon this time, Pikachu. Axel comes down with Mankey. Go Pikachu!!! Mankey I choose you!!! Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and fries Mankey. Mankey is getting mad. He charges at Pikachu but Pika uses Thunderbolt again, and that will do it for Mankey. Pikachu wins his first battle!!!
Charmander vs. Horsea
Kyle sends out his Charmander and Brach sends out Horsea. Go Charmander!!! Horsea attack!!! Charmander scratches. Horsea answers with a bubble, Charmander is hurt but its not bad. He scratches again. Horsea is very affected and can't last much longer. He tries bubble and misses. Charmander scratches again and Horsea falls over. Charmander wins!!!
Ninetails and Eevee vs. Bulbasaur and Horsea
David comes out with his Ninetails and his Eevee. Brach has Bulbasaur and Horsea. David takes Ninetails fire stone and gives it to Eevee. What the %($&^!!! Eevee is evolving!!! Eevee evolved into Flareon. Ninetails transforms back into Vulpix. Go Flareon!!! Bulbasaur attack!!! Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip and knocks down Flareon. His fire stone flies through the air. Horsea uses Bubble and traps the fire stone. It starts floating high in the air. Bulbasaur vine whips it down. It falls into Brach's hands. He sticks it in his pocket. Eevee tackles but Bulbasaur returns with a leech seed. It takes Eevee's health. Eevee faints. Next comes Vulpix. What the %@^&!!! Bulbasaur is evolving, he turns into Ivysaur!!! Ivysaur vine whips Vulpix. Vulpix fire spins him. Ivysaur again Vine Whips him and David admits defeat. Brach wins!!!
Cubone vs. Caterpie
Adam walks out with his Caterpie as Jack comes with Cubone. Go Caterpie you can do it!!! Attack Cubone!!! Cubone uses Bone Club and nails Caterpie. Caterpie uses String Shot. Cubone Bone Clubs again. Caterpie uses Poison Sting. Cubone is poisened. He uses Bone club and Caterpie falls over. Adam doesn't want Caterpie to get hurt anymore so he calls in Caterpie. Cubone wins!!!
Growlithe vs. Exeggcute
Brach walks out with growlithe and Matt with Exeggute. Growlithe go!!! Exeggcute go!!! Growlithe uses ember. Exeggcutor is very effected. He uses Barrage. Brach throws a fire stone at Growlithe. What the #^&#$!!! Growlithe is evolving. Growlithe evolved into Arcanine!!! Arcanine uses ember and Exeggcutor is toast. Arcanine wins!!!
Weedle vs. Sandshrew
Greg walks out with Weedle and Quentin comes out with Sandshrew. Go Weedle!!! Sandshrew attack!!! Weedle uses Poison Sting. Sandshrew is poisened!!! Sandshrew uses Sand-attack to lower Weedles accuracy. Weedle uses String shot and misses. Sandshrew tackles. Weedle uses String shot again and hits. The poison is starting to affect Sandshrew and Quentin calls him back in. Weedle wins!!!
Weedle vs. Pidgey
Greg comes out with Weedle and Misty comes out with Pidgey. Weedle attack!!! Go Pidgey, give it your best. Weedle starts out with a poison sting. Pidgey is stunned. Pidgey uses sand-attack but misses. Pidgey is hurt by poison. Weedle uses string shot and Pidgey moves slowly. Pidgey tries to gust but can't pull it off. Misty calls Pidgey in and Weedle wins!!!
Kakuna2 vs. Cubone
Greg comes out with his new pokemon Kakuna2 and Jack with his Cubone. Kakuna2 go!!! Get 'em Cubone!!! Cubone uses bone club and knocks Kakuna2 over. Kakuna2 uses harden. His defense rises. Cubone bone clubs him again. Greg sends back Kakuna2. Cubone wins!!! What the #@&%? Kakuna2 is evolving!!! Kakuna2 evolved into Beedril.
Kakuna, Kakuna3-6, Beedril vs. Ivysaur, Arcanine, Pikachu, Vulpix, Horsea, and Clefairy
Greg takes his Pokemon and will use Kakuna first. Brach is going to use Ivysaur. Kakuna go!!! Ivysaur attack!!! Kakuna uses harden. Ivysaur uses tackle. Greg returns Kakuna and brings out Beedrill. Ivysaur vine whips, Beedrill faints. Greg takes out Kakuna3. Ivysaur vine whips again. Kakuna3 faints. Brach takes out Arcanine. Greg takes out Kakuna. Arcanine embers but misses. Greg takes out Kakuna4. Arcanine embers and Kakuna4 faints. Greg takes out Kakuna and Brach takes out Pikachu. Pikachu thunderbolts and hurts Kakuna. Greg takes out Kakuna5. Pikachu thunderbolts and it is very affective. Kakuna5 faints. Greg takes out Kakuna and Brach picks Vulpix. Vulpix embers and Kakuna faints. Brach chooses Horsea and Greg takes Kakuna6. Horsea uses bubble. Kakuna6 is hurt. It uses Harden and it's defense rises. Horsea bubbles again and Kakuna6 faints. Brach wins!!!
Horsea vs. Charmander
Brach comes out with his Horsea and Brian with his Charmander. Horsea get 'em!!! Go Charmander!!! Horsea uses bubble and it's very affective. Charmander uses Growl. Horsea bubbles again and this one does more than the first!!! Charmander faints. Horsea wins!!!
Beedrill vs. Charmander
Greg comes out with his new pokemon Beedrill and Brian takes out Charmander. Beedrill attack!!! Go Charmander!!! Beedrill uses harden and its defense rises. Charmander uses scratch. Beedrill hardens. Charmander uses scratch again and Beedrill is badly hurt. Greg sends him back in. Charmander wins!!!
Clefairy vs. Bellsprout
Brach takes out his Clefairy and David chooses Bellsprout. Clefairy go!!! Attack Bellsprout!!! Clefairy uses sing. Bellsprout falls asleep. Clefairy uses pound and Bellsprout faints. Clefairy wins!!!
Oddish vs. Caterpie
Nick comes with Oddish and Adam with Caterpie. Oddish go!!! Go on caterpie, you can do it!!! Oddish starts hopping around and Caterpie is not distracted. He uses string shot. Oddish is very mad. He uses absorb and takes health from Caterpie. It is very affective. Caterpie uses Poison Sting but misses. Oddish absorbs again and this match is over. Adam pulls in Caterpie and tells him that he did his best. Oddish wins!!!
Jigglypuff vs. Caterpie and Zubat
Kenny takes out his Jigglypuff, Adam chooses Caterpie, and Eric takes Zubat. Jigglypuff go!!! Caterpie, Zubat attack!!! Jigglypuff opens with a sing on Zubat. He falls asleep. Caterpie uses Poison sting and Jigglypuff is poisoned. Jigglypuff sings to Caterpie. Caterpie falls asleep. Zubat wakes up and uses leech life. He takes health from Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff tries to sing but is too weak. Zubat uses leech life again and Jigglypuff faints. Zubat and Caterpie win!!!
Jigglypuff vs. Caterpie
Kenny takes out his Jigglypuff and Adam takes out Caterpie. Go Jigglypuff!!! Caterpie go!!! Jigglypuff sings and Caterpie falls asleep. Jigglypuff starts hopping up and down on Caterpie. Adam can't take it so he tells Caterpie to come back in. Jigglypuff wins!!! What the &%#@? Caterpie is evolving!!! Caterpie evolved into Metapod.