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Adventure area!!!

Come here to check if you've encountered any wild Pokemon!!!
Brach has encountered a Vulpix. He weakens it up with Tackle the Vulpix is frightened. Brach throws a Pokeball at it. It captures Vulpix. 1,2, oohh Vulpix broke loose. Brach tries again and again but Vulpix won't stay in his Pokeball. Vulpix runs away.
Brach keeps on in his search for Vulpix. He finds the one that he had seen before. It looks as if something has weakened it since he first saw it. He goes over to it and gives it a potion. The Vulpix then follows him. It won't stay behind, so Brach catches it in his Pokeball and now has a new found friend.
Nick is searching for a Pokemon. He finds a Pidgey. He doesn't really want one so he keeps on looking. He finds a Spearow. He does'nt want one of those either but he throws a Pokeball anyways. Spearow is captured. Nick has a new Spearow!!!
Brach is now in search of the ever rare Pikachu. He looks around but can only find Pidgeys. He keeps looking. He finds one. He uses his newly found Pokemon Vulpix to weaken it. He embers. He throws a Pokeball and catches Pikachu.
After his last capture of Pikachu, Brach is now searching for a Growlithe. He can't seem to find one, but he has run into plenty of Rattata. He finally spots a Growlithe. He gets Bulbasaur to use leech life. He waits a while for it to fully weaken Growlithe, then he throws a Pokeball. Growlithe is captured!!! He adds Growlithe to his collection.
Brach is now in search of a horsea. He gets out a super rod and casts off. He catches something!!! He reels it in. It's a goldeen. He throws it back. He casts again but this time he reels in a horsea!!! Vulpix uses ember. Brach uses a pokeball. Horsea is cartured!!!
David R. is looking for a Ninetales. He searches and searches but Pidgey keep on popping out at him. He finally finds a..., Vulpix? He keeps on looking. He runs into something. He looks up and sees a Ninetales!!! Eevee is afraid of Ninetales, but he knows he needs the fire stone to evolve so he uses tackle. It's not very affective. Ninetales starts to run away, so David throws an ultra ball!!! Ninetales is hit. Now David waits to see if he is captured. He is!!! David now has a Ninetales and more importantly a fire stone.
Brach is out again looking for Onix, but so far it's been only Zubats that he's found. He finally runs into...a Clefairy. He keeps on looking for an Onix but can't seem to find one. He walks out of the cave and gets attacked by Onix!!! Onix uses Rock Throw on him. Onix is about to finish Brach off when Clefairy starts singing. Onix falls asleep. Clefairy picks up one of Brach's pokeballs and throws it at Onix. Brach wakes up and takes Onix. He tries to put Clefairy into a Pokeball but he doesn't want to go in, so he lets Clefairy walk out of it's ball. Brach caught Clefairy and Onix!!!
After the last captures of Clefairy and Onix, Brach is in search of a Rhyhorn. Brach goes to the Safari Zone. He runs into many Nidoran but they're not what he wants this time. He searches in the second area and finds a Parasect. He throws a rock at it and it runs away. He keeps searching and runs into a Rhyhorn. He throws some bait and Rhyhorn starts eating. He throws a Safari Ball but Rhyhorn escapes. Brach then throws a rock and Rhyhorn charges. Just as its about to hit Brach he throws a Safari Ball and captures Rhyhorn. Rhyhorn is captured!!!
Greg is now in search of a new pokemon. As he is walking along he sees a group of Kakuna hanging from a tree. He carefully captures all 5 of them and runs off before the Beedril return. What the ^$*#? Weedle is evolving!!! Weedle evolved into Kakuna.
Eric is looking for a Pikachu. He sees one hiding in the bush. He sneaks up behind it and grabs its tail. He gets shocked. He grabs his pokeball and stcks Pikachu in it. Pikachu is captured!!!
Brach is now in search of the rare pokemon Chansey. He looks around at the Safari Zone. He runs into many Paras and Nidoran but not Chansey. Finally he runs into something big!!! It's a Nidorino. He thinks oh well and uses Bulbasaur to vine whip it. He then throws his pokeball at it and Nidorino is captured!!!
Kenny is searching for a Vulpix. He finds one easily. He sends Jigglypuff to sing to it. Vulpix falls asleep and Kenny captures it.
Kenny is now looking for Mankey. He sees one. Jigglypuff sings and Mankey falls asleep. Kenny captures it.
Jack is looking for a Geodude. He has to search for a while, but he finds one. Cubone Bone Clubs it. It's not very affective but he does it again and Geodude falls to the ground. Jack captures it in his pokeball.
Brach is still looking for a Chansey. He searches and searches but can't find one. He comes across a Dratini. He throws some food and Dratini eats it. He throws a Safari Ball and Dratini goes inside. Oh NO!!!!!!! It escaped. Better luck nexttime.
Brach is now in search of a Schyther. He spots one out of the corner of his eye. He sends Ivysaur after him. Ivysaur uses Vine Whip and Schyther runs away.