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Semisonic's history

Okay, well heres my meager slice of information on Semisonic. I figured since ive taken so much from the world i might as well try to give a little something back. So just read through, sample what little info I have, then move on to better pages about one of the best bands ever created.

Aight... well.. here goes the legend...

Semisonic wasnt always Semisonic... an earlier band contained Dan and John, called Trip Shakespeare. Along with Dans bro Matt and Elaine Harris(da drummer, Jacob wasnt there yet yo) they began tearin up the local scene... and though things were good... like all good things, they had to end. John and Dan stayed together, while Matt a left to do other things(Matts playin solo I think, saw him a few months back). So anywayz, in the winter of 1992, Dan and John got together with Jake and formed a band known as Pleasure. Their first gig was playin some covers at the 400 Bar. After that, the made their first attempt at an album which was going to be Great Divide, that was to be produced by Elektra and show up on MCA. Halfway through productions, though, execs and stuff were fired from Elektra and Semisonic(using the name Pleasure at the time) had to put their recordings on hold. So for the nexzt few months they moved into a basement studio with Dan's bro Matt, where they recorded demos and sent them off to people. Well, as luck would have it, Boston's Cherrydisc got a hold of some tapes and decided to let em record. So at about the time their disc was being mixed under the name Pleasure, some lawyers from the 80's came out and sed that theres already been a band called Pleasure and that just wont do, so our favorite trio simply fell back on their backup name, Semisonic. Or something like that... Okay, well any ways, after Pleasure was recorded(ya'll following this?) Semisonic flew out to LA to finish recording Great Divide. Great Divide reffers to the gap between their first an second albums... like, 2 years me thinks... and to the constant flying back an forth from LA to Minneapolis.... so anywho... after Great Divide was released in mid 96, Semisonic made some videos for this thing, 3 I think. The dudes from Semisonic claim that most of their favorite live stuff comes from here(and I agree, this is my favorite album offa them). So, after that was done, and they went on the road, touring and what not, they got back home and began writing up a storm in Johns basement. Among these, Closing Time(which is the song that basically brought Semisonic national attention) and Singing In My Sleep came about. Feeling Strangly Fine was recorded in an abandoned antique shop and mixed at Seedy Underbelly. And now, the Minneapolis trio tours... and Im not sure if theyve got any recording plans set yet, but if they do I'll let ya know, aight? Cool.

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