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Romantic Things to do.....

Buy him or her some flowers! (and, yes, contrary to popular belief, guys do like getting flowers!)
Make them a card to tell them you love 'em!
Make a tape of love songs from CDs or the radio and give it to them.
Make them thier favorite dinner.
Stop dead in a conversation with them and just tell him or her that they are gorgeous.
Offer to give them a massage any where them would like, and really give them a good, long one.
Kiss their fingers.

Write them a love poem, or if you are a bit timid of that idea...memorize a love peom and recite it to them.
Buy them thier favorite (juice, milk, soda, beer, wine) and serve it to them when they come over.
If you find that you are spending a lot of nights with each other, find out what they like to have around (food, beverage, brand of toothpaste, brand of soap, cottonballs, shave cream, etc...) so they feel like at home at your place.
Read to them.
Ask for a picture of them, then get a really, really great frame for it and put it in the most likely place everyone will see it.
find out what their favorite candy from childhood them some :)
find a secluded, romantic place. go pick up your love and blindfold him/her. make doubly sure that they cant see a thing. take a weird way around town to get them lost and then drive to the seculded, romantic spot, and un-blindfold them. Ta-da!
buy some WASHABLE paint (finger paints will do) and go to work on your loves footies, tummy, hands...but remember it may stain for a day, so pick a place that will be covered up...write and draw out your love for them. it feels good too :)
buy 8-10 little candles....light up and just talk.
buy a pillowcase (poly cotton mix)...find a picture of yourself...take both to a photoshop (a nicer one will be able to) and get the picture of yourself transfered to the pillowcase...give it to your love and tell them now they can snuggle up with you everynight :)
get one of those one time use time you are with your love, start taking pictures and dont stop until you are done with the entire role...if they ask what the heck you are doing...tell them you just cant help it, they are too beautiful/gorgeous.

i wanna fall back into LOVE