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Jesse Ventura

the man...the govener...the ex-wrestler

So yes i am proud that my govener is jesse ventura. I even voted for the guy. I think he is not only really cool but he has a lot of really good ideas. And i wasnt alone...he didnt get there on my vote only. So some people think we are nuts up here in minnesota with our polka and out ice fishing and for voting for an ex-wrestler, but hey, can your govener beat up my govener like mine can yours? i dont think so. So ceck out what others think of jesse or just have some good old fashion fun looking up stuff about him. :)

OK, you knew sooner or later somewas going to suggest it, JESSE FOR PRESIDENT!

Just like they claim....this is not jesse venturas official site, this is way cooler!

For all you jesse fans...up to the minute details of whats going on all of the time.

OK, for all of you people who cant wait to get your hands on the merchandise, here are two places you can go...

here is the place where you can get the t-shirts like seen on jay leno's show.

you can get some t's and stickers from here (i have the button thank you :p)

jesse is a cool guy and all but i wanna go HOME

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