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Robert Delford Brown

This website is in no-wise connected with the lunatic-fringe goings on of Robert Delford Brown. See Link. That Ben himself would renounce any such association as Mr. Brown suggests few can doubt, since it is probably safe to assume that Ben outgrew church at an early age. Indeed, in later years he was no little vocal in his decrying the influence of religion in its keeping people away from Sunday matinees at the movie house. Moreover, there is the well-vouched tradition that when the little woman took it into her head to have the local parson over for supper, Ben, without a of apology or excusing himself, climbed out a back-window to join the waiting car of a pal; by which means of conveyance, the two would seek refuge at the card room or pool hall.

For this and similar reasons, Mr. Brown would evidently then seem to be one of those aery-headed persons who believes in "Art for Art's sake;" when for those who knew Ben it was always and clearly "Ben for Ben's sake." But more deplorable even than this, the misrepresentations of this pompous and affected charlatan are a clear and telling example and further proof, if such was needed, of how authentic history can be mangled and distorted beyond recognition in order to serve dubious motives. It is in no small part to combat this problem then that, with the utmost attention to both plausible and likely fact, we unfold to you the true story.


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