Most especially since none of them were paid, we would like to extend our thanks to William Thomas Sherman for his fine writing and expository style, to the indefatigable Marilyn Slater for scanning many of the images, and finally to film historian Steve Rydzewski for permission to reprint and update "c/o Ben Turpin Genius," and for the original Ben Turpin autobiographical quotes from contemporary movie magazines. If that weren't enough Steve has been most kind and generous to supply us with many more pictures, and an in-progress filmography.

Lastly we want to impart our genuinely loving gratitude to the real Ben Turpin (above, photo courtesy of Steve Rydzewski), and his many co-stars, comedy writers and directors, who, we have faith, would understand and pardon our using his movie memory in this tongue in cheek manner.

Ben Turpin Filmography

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