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Greetings everyone! This is almost the YEAR 2000! Does anybody care? NOOOO! Ha ha! I don't even know quite what to do with this page, it's only the first thang you see! Well, I'll begin by telling you a little bit about HARDGORE. I only run the homepage, and I don't do the actual business so your getting the story from my perspective.

Well, here's Mike Hochins, bored with everything with a minimal collection of horror movies, he slowly begins to buuild it up, mostly out of boredom, and he then, after fuinding a few business's like his own, realise that he can too, do the same thing as them and eventually get some ca$h to buy more and MORE horror movies. Some of the prices for these movies were fucking CRAZY! Wayyyy too much, but he still bought them and was happy wiht the companies, there was one in particullar that Mike would spend his money at all the time, where the selection was great and the prices were nice. After the collection reached to about 300+ Miek decided it was time to start selling the movies he was buying. Why do you ask? Because for insane gore-addicted fiends like himself, needed an easy way to find all the movies they want at the cheapest prices that you can find! So, HARDGORE was born, still trying to survive, but we all have faith, that the movies will sell themselves.....

~Rosemary Obscure~

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