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(a) TEXTS:

1. ISIT (text/sound/performance)

2. SO-SWELL (text/sound/performance)

3. NONE (text/sound/performance)

(b) BOOKS:

1. PERFORM: (a collection of aesthetic, analytic, theoretic, experimental writings on the subject of PERFORMANCE in general, and the work of NEW MUSIC CHORAL ENSEMBLE, (NMCE I-IV, 1964-75), in particular; est.400 pp.

2. PASSING: (an autobiographical accounting of University Life, 1950-present; est. 500 pp.

3. SERIOUS MUSIC-MAKING IN SAN DIEGO & OTHER HAPPY MEMORIES: V.1: SOME DAZE; (a collection of poems, essays, reflections, diary entries; 1975-present; est. 500 pp.

4. COMPOSITIONAL LINGUISTICS: Formal papers, research, assorted experimental writings, compositions, analyses, et alia; --the compositional-linguistic basis for Kenneth Gaburo's work as composer, writer, teacher, thinker, performer, since 1962;
est. 400pp.