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1.1971 KPFK, Los Angeles: The Composer Speaks; discussion of Antiphony III, and Fat Millie's Lament; 1 hour; 12.14

1973 KOGO-TV, Ch.10, San Diego: New World Of Sound; discussion and performance of Antiphony IV (Poised); carried by USIS, Daryl Dayton, dir.

1973 Radio Telefis Eireann (recording); Turetzky: Inside; 10.10.73

1973 BBC London: Music In Our Time: Turetzky, Inside; 10.12.73

1976 KPFK, Los Angeles; Maledetto (45:00); 3.9.76

1976 WKAR-Radio, East Lansing; Interview; 1 hour, 4.6.76

1976 WJIM-Ch.6 TV, E.Lansing; Interview; 6:00 News; 4.6,76

1976 WBFO-Public Radio, Buffalo, Interview, 1 hour; 4.29.76

1976 RIAS-Radio Berlin; Turetzky: Inside; 4.18.76

1976 WDR-Koln; Turetzky: Inside; 4.29.76

1977 Sveriges Radio-Stockholm; Turetzky: Inside; 3.27.77

1977 KUNM-FM 90.1, Albuquerque; Radio Performance Project: Serious Music-Making in San Diego & Other Happy Memories, V.II: Perishable Live Plants (premiere); 2· hours;

1977 WNYC-New York: a review of the CRI recording: Electronic Pioneers, including Gaburo's: For Harry & Lemon Drops; ed. Paul Lehrman

1978 KRAB-FM 107.7, Seattle: Interview with Adam Woog; 1 hour, 4.26.78

1980 In connection with the Berlin Production of Harry Partch's Bewitched, (Akademie Der Kunste), staged by Kenneth Gaburo, a two-hour interview with Daniel Caux, critic (Le Monde, Paris), was taped for broadcast at a later time.

1982 KPFA-Berkeley; Interview with Charles Amirkhanian; 1 hour, 6.13.82

1983 ABC (Australia): The Flow Of (U): Andrew McClennan, producer*

1984 Radio Zagreb, Yugoslavia; Interview & Electronic Tape works; exact broadcast date(s), unknown;

1984 Telecast: (feature) Heritage Cablevision, Ch.5, Lou Blankenburg, dance: PRAIRIE WORKS (Iowa Artist Profile Series), w/tape music by Gaburo; premiere: 1.26.85

1985 ABC (Australia), BLUE-MOON PROJECT: numerous pianists were invited to tape their version of the popular "jazz" tune "Blue Moon for broadcast over a six-month period. Gaburo was invited to participate; co-ordinator: Chris Mann

1985 PBS-Del Mar, CA.: Gaburo/Turetzky, INSIDE, broadcast quality, in color: performance,discussion, graphic images; 28:00 (videotape)

1985 WSUI/KSUI; Iowa City; the ANTIPHONIES of Kenneth Gaburo; Richard Hervig, interviewer; 1 hr.,March

1985 WNIB/WNIZ, Classical 97-Chicago; Interview. + broadcast of assorted recorded works; producer: Bruce Duffie; 1 hr.*

1985 HERITAGE CABLEVISION, CH.28, U.Iowa; Corroboree Gallery; Telecast with Henri Chopin (text-sound poet)*

1986 WSUI/KSUI; Iowa City; COLLABORATION: a series of six interviews between Richard Hervig & Kenneth Gaburo; March

1988 Sveriges Radio-Stockholm: ENOUGHI ---(not enough)---; Recorded for later broadcast in Adolph Fredricks Kyrka; producer : Christian Junggren; 1/2 hour

1988 ABC (Australia) Radio FM/AM: ISIT (Text-Sound), & Enough! ---(not enough); THE LISTENING ROOM, Andrew McClennan, producer; 9.12.88

1988 ABC (Australia) Radio FM/AM: LA (Text-Sound), & Antiphony IX, Orchestra, Children, Tape, (University of Iowa performance; University Orchestra, James Dixon, conductor); in THE LISTENING ROOM, Andrew McClennan, producer; date not set

1987 RAI 3, ROME: Antiphony III (Pearl White Moments); program:"Un Certo Discorso"; produced by Pasquale Santali; 2.6.87

1988 RAI 3, ROME: ANTIPHONY VIII (Revolution); program: "Un Certo Discorso"; produced by Pasquale Santali; date?

1987-1988 Dutch Radio: AMSTERDAM: Turetzky: INSIDE; 4.8.88

1987-1988 Hessischer Rundfunk: Frankfurt: ANTIPHONY VIII (REVOLUTION); "World Music Days"; recorded 10.29.87 for later broadcast

1987-1988 3MBC-FM, 93.7 MHZ; Australia: Interview (with Warren Burt); also presentation of certain old and new works; recorded 7.12.87 for later broadcast

1987-1988 ABC-FM, Australia: Presentation + examples of works in 2-day seminar given at ABC Studios, Melbourne; also included are segments from an ASTRA Concert
presentation; recorded for later presentation: "AUDIO SPECTRUM" produced by Jaroslav Kovarieck

1987-1988 ABC (Australia) FM-AM; call-in tapings concerning Gaburo's TESTIMONY PROJECT, initially presented on "SURFACE TENSION" , 90 minutes; produced by Andrew McClennan, 8.8.87; repeated