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From 1948-1988 some 2,000 known public performances of the composer's work have been given. These are exclusive of radio broadcasts of recorded music, and first performances already given above. Here follows a brief sampling:

(a) Foreign:
Berliner Projekte (Mouth-Piece/Fulkerson), 5.15.73

Amerika Haus, Berlin (Mouth-Piece/Fulkerson) , 6.12.73

University of Hawaii: Music Festival (Inside/Farrell), 7.11.73

Warsaw Autumn Festival (Inside/Turetzky), 9.7.73

Oslo Conservatory (Inside/Turetzky), 10.2.73

Heinejonstad Center (Inside/Turetzky), 10.3.73

London, Kingston Polytechnic (Inside-Turetzky), 11.3.73

London, Camberwell Art College (Inside/Turetzky), 12.2.73

Tokyo: American Experimentalists Program (Show-Tellies: Compositions For Video), 3.17.74

Melbourne, Australia: Festival of Tape Music (Kyrie & Dante's Joynte), daily: 1.10.76- 1.18.76

South American Tour (40 performances): (Four Sacred Motets/Northridge Chamber Chorale, J. Alexander, dir.), 1975-6 season

Paris, Centre Culturel Americain (Inside/Turetzky), 2.5.77

Paris, IRCAM, (Inside/Turetzky), 3.15.77

Amsterdam, Shaffy Theater: Asko Series (Cantilena IV- Natvig/
English), 11.15.77

Melbourne, Australia (Fulkerson & Burt on Gaburo: The Beauty Of Irrelevant Music; Line Studies; Cantilena IV; Slow-Up; Composition in MORE; Stray Birds; Kyrie; Dante's Joynte; Show Tellies, video), 7.8.78

Vancouver, B.C., New Music Society: An Evening of Electronics (The Wasting of Lucretezia), 2.19.79

Melbourne, Conservatorium of Music (Inside/Turetzky), 8.7.79

Puerto Rico, Sociedad Puertorriquena De Musica Contemparanea (Inside/Turetzky), 11.27.79

Paris, American Centre: Automne 1979 (Inside/Leandre) 12.10.79

Mexico City: Instituto Nacional De Bellas Artes: Primer Foro Internacional De La Musica Nueva (Inside/Turetzky), 4.22.79

Australian Broadcast Commission (The Flow of U, NMCE III), 1982

Vancouver, B.C.: New Music Society: Inside/Turetzky, 9.25.84

Sydney, NSW: Cantilena IV (voice-trombone); Jane Manning, soprano; Flederman Ensemble

Melbourne, Victoria: ASTRA: Antiphony VIII (REVOLUTION), solo percussionist & tape; Steve Schick; 5.26.86

Freiburg, Germany: International Contrabass event: Inside/Turetzky; 2.8.86

TOUR: Enough! ---(not enough)---; 40 voices, solo percussionist; May 31- June 16, 1988:
Moscow, USSR
Minsk, USSR
Leningrad, USSR
Poznan, Poland
Torin, Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Stockholm, Sweden
Atvidaberg, Sweden

New Zealand:TOUR; Antiphony VIII (REVOLUTION), Schick, July-August, 1986

Rochester, Eastman School of Music (An Evening of Gaburo's Music: Elegy for Chamber Orchestra, The Beauty of Irrelevant Music, Kyrie, Show-Tellies), 10.14.77

San Francisco: Intersection (Poetry & Prose Series) (Inside/Turetzky), 3.10.81

Leucadia, CA.: Old Time Cafe (Inside/Turetzky) 10.21.81

Valencia: CalArts Contemporary Music Festival (Inside/Turetzky) 3.1.81

Dallas, Caruth Auditorium: Voices of Change (Inside/Turetzky) 11.2.81

Los Angeles, Monday Evening Concerts (Inside/Turetzky), 11.15.82

St. Paul: West Bank People's Theater (Maledetto/Gilbert,dir.) 5.3.82

Berkeley: Berkeley Stage Company (Maledetto/MacDougall, dir.) June, 1982

Minneapolis: Walker Art Center (Cantilena IV/SFZ Ensemble), 4.15.82

Valencia, Ca, CalArts Festival (Antiphony VIII/Schick), 3.10.84
+ Tour

New York, NY: The New Romanticism (NY Philharmonic) (Inside/Deak),

Fresno, Fresno State U.; Schick: Antiphony VIII; 3.12.84

Oakland, Mills College: 2.23.85

Iowa City, U.Iowa; Schick: Antiphony VIII; 2.25.85

Kansas City, KC Conservatory; Antiphony IX (---a dot), premiere: Glenn Block, dir. KC Civic Orch.; 10.13.85

Albuquerque, U. New Mexico; Schick: Antiphony VIII; 1985

Urbana, U.Illinois; Schick: Antiphony VIII; 5.3.85

Long Beach, Long Beach State U.; Schick: Antiphony VIII; 5.3.85

La Jolla, LJ Museum of Art; Schick: Antiphony VIII; 5.10.85

Iowa City, U.Iowa: Scratch One; Gaburo + Ensemble; CNM, 12.8.84

Los Angeles, Ca.: Schoenberg Institute; Chase/Anderson: Cantilena IV; 2.6.85

Denton, N. Texas State; Inside/Turetzky; 11.25.85

Washington, D.C., Kennedy Center; Schick: Antiphony VIII; 11.4.86

Ann Arbor, U, Mich.; Schick: Antiphony VIII; 3.10.86

Baltimore, U. Maryland; Schick: Antiphony VIII; 4.15.86

Tucson, U. Arizona; Antiphony IV (Poised); 2.12.86

TOUR: Inside (quartet for 1 double-bass player)/Turetzky
Hartford, CT; Real Art Ways: 2.2.86
Memphis; Memphis State U.: 2.6.86
Louisville; U.of Louisville: 2.9.86
Oberlin; Oberlin College: 2.11.86
New York City: Mirkin Hall; Schick Antiphony VIII; April, 1987