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1949 George Eastman Honorary Fellowship; U. Rochester

1949 Phi Mu Alpha National Award for Three Interludes For String Orchestra

1953 Eastman Alumni Choral Award for Three Dedications To Lorca

1954 Sigma Alpha American Music Award

1954 George Gershwin Memorial Award

1954 Fulbright Fellowship

1956 Tanglewood Fellowshp & Assistant to Goffredo Petrassi

1957 University of Illinois Summer Grant to compose Line Studies

1958 University of Illinois Research Foundation Grant to compose a Trilogy of One-Act Operas; renewed in 1960

1960 Yaddo residency

1962 UNESCO Creative Arts Award

1960 ASCAP Serious Music Awards; 1960-present (annual)

1965 In connection with the first summer workshop in analysis and performance of New Music, University of Illinois, 1965, funded by a grant from the FORD FOUNDATION, Kenneth Gaburo offered the following lectures in seminar:
(1) Contemporary Compositional Techniques of Text Setting; part 1;
(2) Contemporary Compositional Techniques of Text-Setting; part 2;
(3) The Relationship of texts to musical components; Preservation of textual-poetic sense;
(4) The Relationship of texts to musical components; Dissolution of textual-poetic sense;
(5) Some Acoustical aspects of phonetic-phonemic structures in relation to vocal music;
(6) Textual Intelligibility vs. Unintelligibility in vocal settings.

1967 Guggenheim Fellowship

1967 Associate: Institute for Advanced Studies; University of Illinois, Urbana; for: Linguistic Research & Music Composition

1968 Thorne Foundation Award for Music Composition; NY

1968 National Federation of Music Clubs Award for distinguished contributions to American Music; (in connection with the University of Illinois Summer Workshop in Analysis & Performance of New Music)

1968 Research Board Grant to form a laboratory for audio circuit design; U. California-San Diego

1969 Research Board Grant for certain specific relationships between music and language-linguistics; U. California, San Diego; renewed 1970, 1971;

1971 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (Kunstlerprograrmm); West Berlin

1972 New York Public Library, Music Division & Museum of The Performing Arts-Lincoln Center: ongoing documentation of Gaburo's work: manuscripts, letters, diaries, programs, clippings, & other biographical data, arranged by Frank Campbell, director;

1972 Research Board Grant for the development af a unique optical lighting system (in collaboration with John Forkner) for use by New Music Choral Ensemble IV in
the development of its pursuits in New Performing Techniques; U. California, San Diego

1972-5 A $43,000 grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to form New Music Choral Ensemble IV as an experimental performfng group within the UCSD Center For Music Experiment, The grant was apportioned equally over a three-year period, and provided funds exclusively for the support of performers. For the first two years, the group consisted of:
1 singer
1 actor
1 speaker
1 mime
1 sound-movement-instrumentalist

For the third year, the group consisted of six dancer-acrobats. Documented: An Informal Report on New Music Choral Ensemble Research Activities within the Center For Music Experiment; 177pp.

1975 National Endowment for the Arts Award for a large Multi-Media Composition;

1979 The John F. Kennedy Center-Rockefeller Foundation International Competitions for Excellence in the performance of American Music (1979 Vocal Competition) selected TWO (alto flute, D. Bass, Mezzo Sop,) for inclusion in its repertoire list.

1979 Commission by the Harry Partch Foundation to serve as artistic director for a full stage production of Harry Partch's BEWITCHED as a consequence of an invitation to present the work at the Berlin Festival, January-March,1980 Akademie Der Kunste

1980 The Jean Brown Archive (Shaker Seed House, Tyringham, Mass.), a foundation & study center for the history of 20th Century Art (in particular: Dada, Surrealism, Avant-garde Books,
Concrete Poetry, Fluxus, and Happenings), now includes all Lingua Press Publications (founded by Gaburo); 115 works, of which 45 are by Kenneth Gaburo.

1982 Berkeley Stage Company: First full stage production of Maledetto; directed by Robert MacDougall, June 11-25

1984- Research Grant: Project in Psychoacoustics, and computer software development in connection with the Experimental Music Program, University of Iowa. Funded by a grant from
the UI Undergraduate Student Assistantship Program; on-going.

1984 Guest lecturer in conjunction with an inaugural symposium of the Marquette University Museum of Art, Milwaukee, WI.; Gaburo was invited to address the topic: WORD-IMAGE-SOUND

1985 Recipient of the Milhaud Chair Fellowship, Mills College, Oakland, Ca.; February-March. During this period Gaburo gave a series of seminars in Compositional Linguistics.

1986 Honored as guest composer at the International Electronic Music-Plus Festival XV, in Kansas City, October 7-13.

1987 Guest Artist Invitational: UC-Video, Minneapolis, MN., Feb. 26-March 1. The following work was accomplished:
(a) continuation of Testimony video-tape interviews; (cf. THE SCRATCH PROJECT)
(b) Video workshop: "Cliche in Video Language: Can It Be Deconstructed?"

1988 Invitation to present a major text during the Symposium of the International Musicological Convention, (SIMS), Melbourne, Australia; August 28 - September 2. Gaburo read his hour-long text composition: LA, (the metaphor for which is 'SOUND-AS-SPIRIT')

1988 Commission from the ABC (Australia) Radio Network to compose a major work for radio during the period 1988-1989;

1989 Invitation as guest composer during a week-long Symposium; Illinois Western University, Macomb;