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Minnesota Flatheads

Anybody for an Oreo cookie?!?
If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand!

This site was created by me, Wes. My good friend and fishing partner, Matt Midthun, introduced me to catfishing in 1993 and I fell in love with it immediately. I've caught a lot of decent sized cats since then. I have lost my share of the bigguns too. Most are lost due to dumb mistakes. But there are times when a big boy will give you a serious butt whipping. Your bruised ribs constantly remind you of what could have been the biggest cat of your life. A few days later, the bruises will get smaller but the memories will be bigger.

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NEW 1/25/99View maps of local rivers and locate landings and camping areas. Stats from IN-FISHERMAN magazine on catfishing in Minnesota. And some Catfish tournaments coming this summer of 1999 ".

This is Matt, the best fishing partner a person can have. Matt is no fortunate enough to live in Minnesota but he always comes back for a week or two of some serious catt'n

More Information/favorite links
-Bragging Page
- free DNR sponsored maps
-Flathead Waters
-Web Rings
-Weather Forecast
-Catch and Release

Feel free to ask me any questions on Minnesota Flathead fishing.


this site created in memory of Otis "Toad" Smith.
Hoping that his love for catfishing lives in all of us.

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