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© 2002 by Lea K. Wellner All Rights Reserved

Creative Spurts

A Skald in idle conversation receives
Bragi's tongue between her lips,
Sprinkling ginger over her words.

Inspiration sautes passionat expression,
Stirring together loose ends to ecstatic delight.

Creative spurts arouse altered awareness,
Seasoning What is not seen into works of art.

©2000 by Lea K. Wellner All Rights Reserved


Only the winds of change will know

which way a creative mind will go.
Wonder not when she will stop.

Let her go wild, reach for the top.
Hallow the playground within a mind,
Creative well ever-filled, a soul sighs.

©2000 by Lea K. Wellner All Rights Reserved

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Originally created December 1999

Last Updated in November 2004

Copyright © 1999-2004 by Lea K. Wellner All Rights Reserved.