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1. Everything that's stated on my page is opinion, unless stated otherwise. If you don't agree with it, leave. Simple as that

2. If you want to use my graphiks, instead of being a flaming douchebag and stealing them, email me at mouse421@hotmail.com and ask if you kan borrow them. I like to share :) I also make graphiks for free, if time allows. Go to my kontakt page for more information

3. If you're racist, stay off my page. And while you're at it, die

4. If you're a small-headed Goth whore koming here to analyze my page in order to make another obsessive site about how much me/ravers/gay people sukk, you also need to die. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, please reference July 2000 in my entertainment sektion

5. If you wanna link my page, kewl. But don't talk shee-at in the deskription

6. If I sound like I'm yelling at you, I'm not. I'm rarely every serious

So yeah... this page is about musik, art, myself, and random shit to look at when you're bored. Like Mitch Hedberg quotes *drool*. I started it in September 1999 bekause I was bored. If you never saw that version, you're very lukky. B3. Ha

[Klikk on the pikture of the hugging appliaces to enter]