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I will be updating this page as I learn myself on how to do these things.

Having trouble with borders???   Like trying to keep the text off the border? Why cover-up them pretty borders when it is so easy not to.

1.)You have to have a clear gif.  I will supply one here.   You won't see anything if you transload this but, don't worry it is there.

If you choose to link to me use the URL:
<img src=" herb/images/clear.gif">

2.)Put the following html code after


<tr><td valign=left align=top><img src=" herb/images/clear.gif" height=1 width=125></td><td valign=left align=top width=100%>

Your text goes here including gifs and graphics.

Then you finish your page off with


The width=125 is the width of the border
you may have to adjust this a little.  Really pretty easy isn't it.   And you can enyoy your border now.



Both are size "5" font.  The first one is embossed. Like the looks of embossed letters on your page???

Just put the following code before the text you want embossed

<font effect="emboss">
  And remember to </font> when you are done using it.

1;) Like the looks of this text????

2;) Or this text????

3;) Or how about this????

First one you put <tt> before the text you want written like that.

Second on put <b> before the text

Third is the two combined.  <tt><b>
Just remember not to forget to
</b> </tt> when you are done with that text.

Need to put an extra space between the end of one sentence and the beginning of another?

Just put in a & then #160; no spaces, no brackets or anything.

Want to animate your backgrounds??  Somewhat anyway.   I took my fireworks gif (fun gifs & graphics) and in the body background tag at the end after the quote mark:
xspeed="any #"     for vertical movement
yspeed="any #"     for horizontal movement
xspeed="any#" yspeed="any#"    for diagonal movement

it would look like:
<body background="http:///mn/farmboyherb/image s/fireworks.gif" xspeed="100" yspeed="100">

for a sample view of this trick click here What you just saw was the diagonal movement.   Mind you animated gifs will not work on this background.   I still think it is pretty neat.

Find some backgrounds, background sets or graphics that aren't transloadable as is??  Make use of WEB TV UTILITY ..just get page on screen then have webtv utility on your shortcut (F button) after you get there go down to "DOCTOR HTML" button (image locator) it and presto, all the graphics on the page will show up then you click on the image or graphic you want then it will come in again, and you click on it again then, it will be on the black background, and you can transload them as usual.

10 Easy Steps to transload and upload to your own directory.

Thanks for stopping by and come again real soon.   I will update this page often I hope.

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