Espen Lind was born in May 13th, 1971 in Oslo, Norway. He is the eldest of five children in his family. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. His dad Truls runs his own glassware store and his mum Solveig is an accountant in a bank.

"I was the black sheep of the family", he's said jokingly once. From the time he did his debut as a 3 years old performing on the counter in one of Oslo's biggest shopping malls until present day. He moved from oslo to Tromso when he was five. When he was seven, he heard his first pop-song on the radio-the Bee Gees' 'Too Much Heaven'. It was the most beautiful song he's heard. Then he knew he wanted to become a pop star.

So he spent the rest of his growing-up years on writing songs in his bedroom. But he did start on the recorder when he was five. He wrote his first song when he was 11 and played in his first band when he was 14. Though he was the youngest kid in the band, he was the dictator. He wrote all the songs. He realized he had to go his way on his own to be a pop star soon. There're lots of different voices and opinions. He got a job in a recording studio. He used the studio at late night when his work's over instead of being paid. He went to school in the day, worked at the studio in the evening and studied music by himself at night.

In 1993 he went to L.A. with some money and some demo tapes to secure a record deal. He did meet some people from the music companies, but they all asked him to go back to his country. One year and countless rejections later, he was out of cash and had to return home. Back home, he didn't give up. He borrowed a chunk of money from his grandparents Gunvor and Ole, and recorded an album in his home studio.

In May 1995, he released his first single 'Yum Yum Gimme Some' as Sway, not his real name 'Espen Lind'. And his first album named 'Mmm..Prepare To Be Swayed' was released in september 1995.

In that year, he began recording his second ablum 'RED' for 18 months. In 1996, he was invited to perform in a private showcase for Universal's group chief executive in New York. He loved Espen's songs. So he made 'RED' to the top list of Universal priority acts to be released worldwide. That's why you can listen his songs all over the world now.

His first single from 'RED', 'When Susannah Cries' took over No.1 at Airplay Chart in many countries. He's gonna be more bigger in the world. He said "These haven't really been any successful,self-reliant young male pop singer-songwriters out there since George Micheal and Trence Trent D'Arby. I hope to fill that slot."

In the late of the year 2000, his third album titled 'This is Pop Music' is out in his homland and it's also out now in Korea. It's going to be out in Europe soon. His music is a bit changed and I think he sings and expresses himself more honestly than the past ones with this album. I know he's gonna blow up this world soon again!

Some says he is just one of second-George Micheal or second 'who'(whatever or whoever they like to make compare with.) But I really don't think so. He is just Espen Lind, that is!

I hope everything about his music career comes to be successful all the time. I still say a little prayer for him at every night...