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Steph says...

Welcome to the eerie world that is Stephanie. If you haden't already noticed by the Fan list and Cosmo's Critiques, I am a bit nutty at times. Well this page has everything to do with being nutty...because I am nutty about these fellas. We (the jivin' jills) decided that in addition to the countless things we adore about Donny, we also would like to share some of our other little *obsessions* is that too strong of a word? who cares! well without further ado (?) here we go!!!!

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

I was going to just do specific players from this show but I just can't decide I LOVE THEM ALL!!! So I've decided to just sort of do an homage to the entire show. (Wliia & Dliia)


I would like to start out by saying I have seen 37 of his movies. I think I can safely say that I am a fan of his. I also own 8 of those movies, those are obviously my favorites. I think Paul Newman is one of the greatest actors in history. I also think he is one of the greatest people, he and his wife have done so much for other people and charities and just plain stand up for what they believe in.

Mr. Newman is said to not be a big fan of publicity. To respect this, I will only show one picture of him at a time and simply put a list of movies I would recomend:

This is from the Long Hot Summer, there is only one word to describe this movie..."uuuhhhhh" (the man on the left is the great Orsen Welles incase you didn't know)
also check out the following:
-Harper --Lew Harper is trying to solve a kidnapping, and he's rather amusing in the process
-The Sting --The ultimate twist-and-turn-don't-look-now-you've-been-screwed movie
-Twilight --Wonderfully acted (Newman, Susan Sarandon, Gene Hackman, and James Garner) suspence/thriller
-Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid --If you like westerns you should check it out...if you love them, however, you have already seen it (or should)
-The Prize --Paul Newman Wins Nobel Prize!!! bet you didn't know that, you will after you see this one

Frank Sinatra

What can I say that you don't already know about this man? Not much. I will give it a try though, Frank was a multi talented man. He could act, sing, and still find time to have a lot of fun (also, he wasn't a bad looking fellow!) I am a huge fan of his movies but I would like to take this opportunity to reccomend some cds for you to get.

"Come Dance With Me" --very cool cover art here
"Christmas Sing With Frank and Bing" --not only for the Frankie fans but Bing as well
"Frank Sinatra: Duets with Legends" --sort of a funny title seeing as he is one

-Guys and Dolls --great musical, it has, dancing, singing, and Marlon Brando (???)
-The Man With the Golden Arm --very contriversial in it's time, about a man trying to kick a heroine addiction
-Manchurian Candidate --Has to be seen to be believed
-Ocean's 11 --the entire Rat Pack (yes, even Joey) in great form, a must see for fans