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the ultimate online distilling dictionnary with tips and reference   .  .  .  .  .  feel free to contact me on additional suggestions ! !  .  .  .  .  this resource may still be uncomplished  .  .  .  .   .  but I'm working constantly ;-))
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home distillation apparatus

the distilling handbook

distilling equipment: hydrometer..

essences for every flavor

distillation instruments guide

freedom of distillation !! 

activated carbon    is an absorber of fusel oils and other off tests and special made for the liquid 
                               you use 
alcohol = spirit      always refers to ethyl alcohol (drinkable alcohol)
alcohol meter         glassinstrument to measure the percentage of ethanol / water liquid only
                               (uncorrect display in sugar liquid !!)
batch                       the quantity produced at one operation
blending                 you add soft water and essences
colume                   for seperating the different alcohols at different temperatures
column still           professional distillation apparatus and you get 95% by vol.
cristallation           add distillated water and see soft water distilling apparatus = still
consumption        drinkable not before 6 weeks after blending = storing improves the test
enzymes                natural, organic catalysts. 
                              simplified you can say catoff the mash to liquify and better fermentation

essences                flavors of natural substances if of higher quality. To make very easy a 

                               brandy    or otherdrink of    international test
fermentation          process the yeast cutoff the sugar in alcohol and carbon dioxide
flavors                     essences you add to get the required taste
filtration                 the removal of sediment or with activated carbon the off test

fusel oil                   amylalcohol and higher alcoholes as isobutylcarbinol and others

herbs                       natural flavors for profissionals only to make acc. to the personal test

hooch                      secretly distilled crude alcohol liquore

home distillation    the hobby to make your alcohol at home

hydrometer             measures the weight of a liquid

ionen  exchanger   is a pot with resin. Simply said you put water in and get soft water out. 

moonshine             illicitly - distilled spirits

nutrients                vitamines and supplement to speed up growth of yeast and reduce fusel oil

pot still                  simple still, you get about 45% by vol. only 

proof                  alcohol scale, the %-by-volme scale (=tralle) have to double to get % proof (US)

rashig rings           porcelain or glass pieces to fill the colume

reflux still             distillation apparatus. The method is: The lighter alcohol is flowing back 
                                until it's approx.  95%

soft water              less than 40mg / ltr of calcium and magnesium salts.
                                 You use for diluting the alcohol without cristallation
specific gravity     tells you how many times the liquid is heavier than water; 
                                temperature-dependent !
table-distillation    party distillation apparatus 
thermometer         measures temperature: exact laboratory thermometers give you 
                               during distilling process the highest alcohol 
tower still              see reflux still.
turbo yeast             special yeast with nutrients for home distillation

vodca sorb              specially made activated carbon for alcohol to get the off test out of the 
                                distilled alcohol.
                              For clean spirit without any test or smell!

vol.%                    alcohol scale:double the %-by-volume scale (=tralle) to get % proof (US)
yeast                     single cell plant which ferment sugar in alcohol and carbon dioxide
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