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The First Day of School is Definitely the Worst! Part 1

"Good morning students, today is beautiful day at East Fudd JuniorHigh!" the P.A. system sounded to a hallway of groggy students beginningtheir first day at the newly built East Fudd Junior High. TomerLevinson, small boy about 14 years old smirked at the corny greeting. Tomer was rather short for his age, standing around 5 feet tall. He had slightly curly black hair, a skinny build, and rather pale skin. He was wearing a white and green striped T-shirt with a green denim jacket overit, baggy dark green khakis, and a pair of loose sandals without socks (seeing as it was a rather hot September day in Edderville, CA). Tomer was rather tired on the first day of school, and didn't think twice about the name of it. Sure it was weird, but names don't hurt, do they? Tomer's father was killed under unusual circumstances about three years ago while searching a underground tunnel for somebody known simply as Sgt. D. He was brutally murdered and mutilated but Tomer's mother wouldn't tell him how. Tomer always knew that something was off about the way the investigation ended so abruptly, and everyone at the police station started drinking large amounts of Snapple. As Tomer made his way to his first-hour class, he thought he saw a small bunny staring at his sandled feet, but he simply disregarded it as a product of staying up late last night.

Tomer sank into his seat next to his best friend, Chris Anderson. Chris was about the same height as Tomer, but with a chubbier body, blonde hair, and glasses. Chris had on his favorite gray shirt, long blue shorts that extended past his knees, and high top shoes. No socks, though.

"Hey Chris, don't you think this place has a weird name?" Tomer asked while fidgeting in his chair.

"No more than most schools" Chris replied while cleaning his glasses with his shirt. The teacher arrived, an old woman with a nasty look on her face and a can of Snapple. She brought the class to attention by playing the "I Love You" Barney song.

"My name is Ms. Boratch." She said. Tomer cringed at her voice, which was like a young woman's but with an eerie, artificial quality to it. Tomer just hoped the day would end as soon as possible so he could go back home where Barney's music wouldn't invade his ears.

To be continued very soon...

Part 2