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How to play AD&D

I'm not going to tell you every thing about the game that I know.. that would take way to much time,(and TsR might not like me takeing away the need for thier books ) I am going to tell you the things you need to buy from your local book store, and give you a idea how to start without a book for now. 1st: Dice, call you local hobby shop and ask if they have 20 siders , 12 siders , 10 siders , 8 siders, 6 siders and 4 sided dice. You will need at least one of each, and 2 ten sided each on of differant color to roll percents numbers. 2nd: you need Character Record Sheets a book of then cost about 12 bucks and it explains how to create a character fairly well. if yoou still want to go the cheep way then you can draw your own character sheets up, then just go to the book store and peek inside the book to see what it should look like, and if you still dont want to buy any books just grab one and read it right there in the store lots of people do it ( though you may be thown out in some places for loitering) it's worth a try right

An explanation of the most complicated part of AD&D

Thac0/AC, to start out you need to grab a 20 sided dice, now look at your Thac0 ( to hit armor class of zero) and your Enemies AC ( armor class , subtract the AC from the thac0 and that is what you need to roll on the d20 to hit your enemy. An example: your thac0 is 20, your foes AC is 8 you need to roll a 12 or higher to hit, ( 8 - 20 = 12 ), Example 2: your Thac0 is 17 you foes AC is 7 you need to roll a 10 or higher on the d 20 to hit, ( 7 - 17 = 10 ) get it? got it? good

Books you may need to play this campain setting.These are only suggested of course. #1: DM Guide #2: Players hand book #3: Domains of Dread #4: Psionics handbook #5: Priests handbook #6: Collage of Wizardry #7: Planescape Box set #8: Monstrus Manual #9: Ninja hadnbook I know this is alot of books the total cost is roughly 160 dollars, but if you already play AD&D then I am sure you have some of these already.

Daxhthelan is a setting I hve built from the ground up several times, i have worked out most things that could be asked about it, all can be found within the pages of this web site, if you still have questions feel free to e-mail me.

Character Class