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The Undead of Daxthelan

The undead of Daxthelan number in the thousands, almost all reside in the Shadowlands,though many venture out to feed on human flesh and find a new home in a cave or old castle where they can breed more undead, it is said the Evil Ruler of the Shadow lands "Queen Magericka" is sending them out so that the evil of the shadow lands forever night will expand over all of Daxthelan covering it forever in darkness.

As there are undead there are those who Hunt them the most widely feared by the undead is Hagar, better known to them as Death Bringer.

The Knights of Cativa. These foul beings travel the border of the shadow lands in 2 groups of 6, some say they leave to steal children and young virgins for sacrifice to thier dark queen if one of these foul beings are on your tail chances are you wot live to see the next day ( stats: Hit Die: 5d8+2 2 atttacks per roud, cause darkness 20' radius twice per day. they carry jagged blades ofte enchanted with a evil spell of the DM's choice.

A list of Undead found on Daxthelan