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The Dragons of Daxthelan

When the world was new Thaxas Created the good dragons to protect man from the evils of Cativa and her evil minions, in turn Cativa Created the evil dragons, often battle errupt from the dragon lands, flame lights the skies for miles, at the sight of this Malxe made the Neutral draogns, to try and keep some balance among these creatures, though wars do still erupt.

In the world of Daxthelan no creature is more feared and respected then the dragon, powerful intelligent, beutiful and horrifying all at once the very presence of a dragon evil or good demands respect.

All thoughout the land people kow of Dragons some have been known to live very close to drago lairs for protectio dragons still look to protect humans it is a rare thing that someone would slay a Dragon unless it was evil, dragons of good alignmet are loved ad respected by all.

. Many dragons stay away from man if they can help it they have touble of thier own dealing with other dragons. These Dragons live in the moutains on the south most peninsula on the main land named Simply by Humans "Dragon Lands".

Dragons and Alignment