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The World of Daxthelan

Table of Contents

Pg 1: Intro / Story

Pg 2: People of Daxthelan

Pg 3: The Lords and Castles of Daxthelan

Pg 4: Religion and gods of Daxthelan

Pg 5: Dragons

Pg 6: most commenly found monsters

Pg 7: The Undead and their History/places of power

Pg 8: Geography

pg 9: The Cities of Daxthelan

pg 10: Learn about AD&D

pg 11: A Tribute to my favorate AD&D novel Character Raistlin Majere

pg 12: The Gamers Corporation, Live Chat!

Welcome to the world of Daxhtelan, a all new campaign setting for AD&D. Within this site you will learn of people, Lords, Dragons, the Undead Monsters and Gods of Daxthelan. Wether it be the evil goblin hordes led by Lord Rage, or the evil God of Disease Mallatia sending his dark clerics to spread disease and misery, there is pleanty for a group of low or high level adventures to do. The Daxthelan setting takes some of it's parts from other worlds, such as Krynn, Ravenloft , Planscape,Oriental settings and some new things from my little old head. Enjoy and have fun with it!

I have been running this campaign for 2 years as the DM of a small group everything here is subject to change from DM to DM, as in anything else in this game you can change it to fit your wants and needs for a more fun gameing session. So I hope you find this interesting any pressing questions or ideas feel free to mail me at the below adress.

When you are done looking at my page please add to the Daxthelan hall of records (click on books)

The In Character Chat Room for Daxthelan Dros Delnoch's "Rain Tavern"

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Those who helped make this page possible.

  • The folks at TSR inc.. AD&D is a registerd trade mark of TSR all rights reserved, TSR is a subsidiary of Wizards of the coast, inc
  • Shane Solomon, a good Friend and player, many a good idea for this world sprouted from his ample brain.
  • Roman Lutgen who showed me how to play AD&D
  • All of the artisits who made the pictures for this page who ever they may be...
  • Melissa ( Lady-Ariel ) her wanting to learn AD&D made we want to give everyone a chance to learn by making this site
  • CCChris from talk city, many times has a new idea sprouted in my brain from chatting with him in RPG_Guild house, a great RPG player and a nice guy
  • all of the people who I have gamed with or talked about gaming with, players and DM's , thank you all
  • And Finally ME.. Shawn Ryan, aka Dark-Rayden, aka Vorador Valderez aka Lord Darwin,( and about a million other names) the one who created Daxthelan

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