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Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy your stay! About me: My name is Stephanie A.K.A Kat im 5'7 with brownish red hair, brown/green eyes some people call me a sk8r some have called me Gothic, whatever u feel like calling me is fine. I love Scooby Doo, and i just turned 19. damn, thats old. I had my tongue pierced, but i took it out , and i deeply regret it cuz i miss it so much! I also have my eyebrow pierced, its cool. I live in Minnesota and i went to school in St. Paul ewww... I work at Super America makin hella moneys, and i just got a 2000 cavalier, its awesome. Sleeping is good, cant live without it! I graduated in May, so now im living in the "Real World"! Sign My Guestbook Get your own FREE Guestbook from htmlGEAR View My Guestbook Send Me E-Mail!

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