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The Coasters of 1958. Guy, Jones, Gardner, Gunter, Jacobs.
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The Coasters in the recording studios 1960. Billy Guy, Willl Jones, Carl Gardner, and Cornell Gunter.
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Those Hoodlum Friends
Front Page Presentation

  Those Hoodlum Friends
- Those Hoodlum Friends / R&B ExtraVaganza
- The Coasters - BOOKINGS
- 45 Years Celebration Party
- The Coasters - All Time Best (your votes)
- The Essential Coasters CD
- Photo Gallery, Juke Box & Audio Clips
- The Coasters CD Collection
- Coasters Albums Time-Line

- Sites with information on The Coasters

Biographies / Discographies
of the Great Vocal Groups

The Hits & the Great Groups

Dominoes, Clovers, "5" Royales, Midnighters,
Moonglows, Flamingos, Drifters, Platters,
Cadillacs, Coasters, Isley Brothers,
Impressions, Miracles, Temptations.

  The Hits & the Great Groups
- The Coasters Pop & R&B Top 10 Hits
- All the Great R&B Vocal Groups
  (biographies, members, hits & best records)
- The early groups and their Classics
- All Coasters Hits plus some Lyrics
- "Records & Hits" & Rock ´n´ Roll Legends

Presenting the Coasters

  Presenting the Coasters
- Those Hoodlum Friends - The Coasters
- A Brief Biography by Claus Röhnisch
- Bill Millar analyzes the innovative years
- Lee Hildebrand presents The Coasters
- Robert Chrisgau's Essay on The Coasters

- An Extended Biography with Summary
- Jay Warner presents The Coasters

- Recordings and composers

Singles Discography
The Singles

  Singles Discography
- The Robins on Spark (1954 - 1955)
- The Coasters Singles & EPs (1956 - 1999)
- Singles Discography with leads

- Fake Coasters Singles
- In the Beginning:
(Lester Sill & the original Coasters)

50 Years of Rhythm & Blues
50+ years with the Coasters

  50 Years of Rhythm & Blues
- A Year By Year Re-Cap of
  R&B History 1949 - 2003
- the ´50s, ´60s, ´70s, ´80s, ´90s
  & the New Millennium
  (with the Coasters and more !)

The Coasters Story - Quoted
From the original sources

  The Coasters Story - Quoted
- The Coasters Story
(as told when it happened)
- The original Coasters (1955 - 1957)
- The classic Coasters (1958 - 1961)
- The qualitative Coasters (1961 - 1967)
- The revival Coasters (1968 - 1979)
- The resurrection Coasters (1980 - 1997)
- The current Coasters (1998 - on)

Recording Sessions - Disco
Complete Session Discography

  Recording Sessions - Disco
- The Coasters Line-Ups 1955 - 2003
- About this Edition
- About the Session Discography
- The Robins on Spark 1954 - 1955
- The Coasters Discography 1956 - 2003

Off-Shot Coasters Recordings
The off-shot and fake Coasters

  Off-Shot Coasters Recordings
- The Coasters Off-Shots

- Ex-members Recordings as "The Coasters"
- Off-Shot Summary

- Complete Fake Coasters albums discography

CD Guide & Albums Disco
CD and Vinyl Albums

  CD Guide & Albums Disco
- Complete Coasters CD Guide
- Complete Albums Discography

Members´ Mini Bio´s
All the lineups

  Members´ Mini Bio´s
- The Coasters Today
- Brief Biographies on each and every Coaster
- Bobby Nunn Discography

Coastin´ with the Coasters
Facts, trivia and more

  Coastin´ with the Coasters
- Carl Gardner´s Autobiography
- 50 years with Carl Gardner

- The multiple / bogus Coasters
- Bogus & Fake Coasters Sheet

- Web information on the Coasters
- Trivia Connections

News Letter
News and comments

  News Letter
- News about the Coasters
- Comments on the Coasters

The Robins Discography
The Robins vocal group

  The Robins Discography
- The Robins 1947 - 1962 (and on)
- Biography and Complete Discography

Golden ´50s R&B Super Hits
Top Artists and Records

  Golden ´50s R&B Super Hits
- The Super Hits of the Golden Fifties
- Top R&B Artists of the ´50s
- Top R&B Records of the ´50s
- Top Vocal Group Records
- Favorite Play-List


Coasters Re-Cap & Atlantic Records
Time-Line and Atlantic

  Coasters Re-Cap & Atlantic Records
- The Coasters Story: Short Re-Cap

- Photo Chronology - The Coasters
- Atlantic Records - Story & Early Stars
- Jazzin´ the Blues
- Atlantic Records´ Soul Stars

The Best Records of R&B
The Best of Rhythm & Blues

  The Best Records of R&B
- The Best R&B Records of the 1940s
- The Best R&B Records of the 1950s
- The Best #1 R&B Records of the 1960s
- Claus Favorite R&B Artists
- Battle of the Blues Legends
- The Ultimate R&B CD Collection
- The Best Reading on R&B

Favorite R&B Stars & Groups
The Golden Years of R&B

  Favorite R&B Stars & Groups
- From Roy Brown to James Brown
- The Golden Years of Rhythm & Blues
- Juke Blues (the origins)
- City Blues (the path-finders)
- Blues & Rhythm (the pioneers)
- Rhythm & Soul (the idols)
- Group Harmony (the explorers)
- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (all inductees)
- The Coasters - Individual Photos

Ultimate Coasters Collection
The Ultimate Coasters

  Ultimate Coasters Collection
- The Complete Coasters Recordings
- Coasters Recordings On Representative CDs
- The Ultimate CD Collection

Biographies / Discographies of
The Great R&B Pioneers
The Pioneers of Juke Blues, City Blues,
Blues & Rhythm, and Rhythm & Soul.
Roy Brown to James Brown -

Muddy Waters to Otis Redding.

  The Great R&B Pioneers
- .. and more About ..
  the Great R&B Pioneers
  (biographies, hits & best records)

Links to R&B Super Stars
Artist Links

  Links to R&B Super Stars

- Links to R&B Super Stars
- Guest Book & Discussion Forum
- Search the Web

Links to Great R&B Sites
R&B Links

  Links to Great R&B Sites
- Links to Great R&B Web Sites
  (group harmony, oldies, blues and R&B, music to buy)
- Links to Search Engines

World´s Greatest Blues Singer

  The World´s Greatest Blues Singer
- John Lee Hooker (biography & discography)
-  Link to the World´s Greatest Blues Singer (Web Site)

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