Jimmy Norman Discography

(from www.jimmynorman.net)

1958 to 1964

The Chargers
Old MacDonald / Dandylion RCA 1958 (47-7301)
Here in My Heart / The Counterfeiter RCA 1959 (47-7417)

Jimmy Norman
Green Stamps / Just To Get To You Dot 1959 (16016)

Thank Him  By J.Norman, Ed Browns, H.B. Barnum Prod. H.B. Barnum
You Win Again  By Hank Williams Mun R&B 1960 (MR-1088 A)

The Dyna-sores
Jungle Walk
Rendezvous 1960 (120)

Jimmy Norman (A)
Willie "The Moon Man" Echols (B)

Here Comes the Night Part 1/Part 2
Good Sound 1961

Jimmy Noman
True Love (for evermore) by H.B. Barnum, B. Nitzsche
What About Me by Carl White
Good Sound 1961 (GS-1002-A)
Prod. H.B. Barnum

I Don't Love You No More by H.B. Barnum
Tell Her For Me by Harris
Little Star 1962 L.S. 1071 113
Prod. H.B. Barnum

Jimmy Norman (A) Jimmy Norman and the Viceroys
You Crack Me Up by H.B. Barnum, Piques
I Know I'm In Love by H.B. Barnum (121-X)
Little Star 1962
Prod. H.B.Barnum

Jimmy Norman with Vocal background by the O'Jays
Love is Wonderful / What's the Bird Do The Bird
Little Star 1963 (126)

Jimmy Norman
Dotted Line by the O'Jays
You Crack Me Up (reissue)
Polo 1964 (211-A,X)
Prod. H.B. Barnum

I'll Never Be Free / Love Sick Feeling
Ray Star 1964 (7781)

Someone To care For Me / One of These Days
Ray Star 1964 (7)

1965 to present...

Talkin' Bout The Times / Kissin'in The Pale Moonlight
Hot Line 1965 (7)

Can You Blame Me by Jimmy Norman Prod: J. Brantley
This I Beg Of You by Jimmy Norman Samar 1966

Only Hurting Yourself by Jimmy Norman Samar 1966
Lil O'l Groovemaker Featuring Jimi Hendrix by Jimmy Norman

I'm Leaving (This Old Town) by Jimmy Norman
If You Love Her (Show It) by Jimmy Norman
Mercury 1968 (72727)
Prod: J. Brantley Arr: Richard Tee

Family Tree by Jimmy Norman, Otis Blackwell
It's Beautiful by Jimmy Norman
Mercury 1968
Prod: J. Brantley

Gangster Of Love (Part 1) / Gangster of Love (Part 2)
Josie 1968 (994)

The Coasters
Act Right / The World Is Changing
Turntable 1969 (504)

Harlem River Drive featuring Eddie Palmieri
Seeds of Love (Part 1) / Seeds of Love (Part 2)
Roulette 1970

Harlem River Drive
Idle Hands (Part 1) / Idle Hands (Part 2) Roulette 1971

Jimmy Norman
Funk Don't Mean a Scent / In the Palm of Anither's Hand Buddah 1974

I Wanna Make Love to You By H.B. Banum, Johnson Prod H.B. Barnum
I'm Fallin' In Love By H.B. Banum, Johnson Buddah 1975 (BDA 504)

The Coasters
Inflation (Hush Donīt Talk About It) / The World Keeps On Turning (import) Wicked 1976


Harlem River Drive
Roulette 1971 (3004)

Eddie Pameiri recorded live at Sing Sing with Harlem River Drive
Tico 1972 (1303)

This Its Time For Real - Southside Johnny and The Ashbury Jukes
(including Check Mr. Popeye by The Coasters)
Epic 1977 (34668)

Home (solo effort incl. Hush with Carl Gardner, Ronnie Bright of Coasters)
Bad Cat 1987

Tobacco Road
Badcat 1995