If You Miss 'Im...I Got 'Im (BGO)

John Lee Hooker
If You Miss 'Im...I Got 'Im

Current: Beat Goes On CD 392 (BGOCD392, 1998, U.K.)
Current: MCA CD 013651 (MCAD013651, Germany)
Current: Phantom CD 463142 If You Miss Em...I Got Em (PID 463142, 1998, U.K.)
Reissue: MCA LP 1365 omits track 08
Original Release: Bluesway LP 6038 (BLS 6038, 1970)
Specifications: 1 disc, 9 tracks, duration approx. 47 minutes
Stereo, AAD
Recorded: Vault Recordings, Los Angeles, May 29th, 1969
Tracks: 01. The Hookers (If You Miss 'im...I Got 'im) [04:44] BW LP 6038
(John Lee Hooker) MCA Music Ltd.
02. Baby, I Love You [04:11] BW LP 6038
(John Lee Hooker) EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
03. Lonesome Mood [05:15] BW LP 6038
(John Lee Hooker) MCA Music Ltd.
04. Bang Bang Bang Bang [04:48] BW LP 6038
(John Lee Hooker) Anchor Music Ltd.
05. If You Take Care of Me, I'll Take Care of You [03:38] BW LP 6038
(John Lee Hooker) MCA Music Ltd.
06. Baby, Be Strong [05:07] BW LP 6038
(John Lee Hooker) Copyright Control
07. I Wanna Be Your Puppy, Baby [08:15] BW LP 6038
(John Lee Hooker) MCA Music Ltd.
08. I Don't Care When You Go [02:40] BW LP 6038
(John Lee Hooker) Copyright Control
09. Have Mercy on My Soul! [07:55] BW LP 6038
(John Lee Hooker) MCA Music Ltd.
References: BW LP 6038 If You Miss 'Im...I Got 'Im (Bluesway BLS 6038, 1970)
Personnel: John Lee Hooker vocals; guitar
Jeffrey Carp harmonica on 01-08
Johnny "Big Moose" Walker piano/organ
Earl Hooker guitar
Paul Asbell guitar on 04, 09
Chester "Gino" Skaggs bass
Roosevelt Shaw drums

Produced by Ed Michel
Engineered by
Ed Fournier

Photos by Phil Melnick (note: the All-Music Guide lists this guy as an engineer)
Original Design by
George Whitman

Liner notes by Tony Russell

Notes: Three additional recordings from these sessions are available on the MCA CD issue of Urban Blues.  Another track, titled Walking The Floor Over You remains unissued.
Online: No audio: All-Music Guide

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