Free Beer and Chicken (BGO)

John Lee Hooker
Free Beer and Chicken

Current: Beat Goes On CD 123 (BGOCD123, 1991, U.K.)
Original Release: ABC LP 838 (1974)
Specifications: 1 disc, 9 tracks, duration approx. 40 minutes
Stereo, AAD
Recorded: San Francisco, 1971-74
Tracks: 01. Make It Funky [03:23]
02. Five Long Years [06:03]
03. 713 Blues [05:57]
04. 714 Blues [01:40]
05. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer [03:33]
06. Homework [04:28]
07. Bluebird [05:25]
08. Settin' On Top of The World [03:25]
09. (You'll Never Amount to Anything if You Don't Go to) Collage [05:56]
(A Fortuitous Concatenation of Events)
a) I Know How to Rock
b) Nothin' But the Best
c) The Scratch
d) Sally Mae
Personnel: John Lee Hooker vocals; guitar; synthesizer
Don "Sugarcane" Harris violin; piano; electric piano
Robert Hooker organ; guitar; bass; drums
Unknown brass on 01, 07, 09b, 09d
Joe Cocker vocals on 02, 09c; flute on 02; percussion on 08

Produced by Ed Michel

Notes: Largely recorded at the same sessions as the albums Never Get Out of These Blues Alive and Born in Mississippi, Raised up in Tennessee in September 1971, with brass added in Los Angeles, March 1973.
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Cover: Scanned myself.
Release Details: From my BGO CD, and the Boogie Chillen book.
Specifications: From my BGO CD.
Recorded: Boogie Chillen book.
Tracks: Combination of the BGO CD, Boogie Chillen book and ears/brain.
Personnel: Boogie Chillen book, plus CD.