JOHN LEE HOOKER - The World's Greatest Blues Singer - with Session Discography

John Lee Hooker

Credits and (re)Sources


Compiled by Richard W. Rinn.

My primary source of information has been Les(lie) Fancourt's Boogie Chillen: A guide to John Lee Hooker on disc, published in 1992 by Blues and Rhythm.  This book is more centred on John Lee Hooker's work on vinyl (the CD section is just a couple of pages at the back), but there's lots of useful information about the recordings in there.  I got my copy from Red Lick, by the way.

Some details have been updated courtesy of a January 1999 draft entry from Les Fancourt's forthcoming revised Blues Records 1943-70.  For information on how to get hold of that when it's available, see Paul Pelletier's web site.

The actual John Lee Hooker CD's I have so far were useful, some offering useful tidbits of information, some just confusing me further (thanks to Fantasy for sending inlays and covers for their Hooker products).

The various online stores and guides were also helpful for comparing track-listings and other details (see the links).

Permission is being applied for from relevant record companies for use of CD cover images, and also from any online sources (especially MacroMusic) from which I have borrowed CD cover images to use while constructing the site (I hope to scan them all in myself....when I get them).

Thanks to Alan Balfour for support and information.

Thanks to Gary Hearn, who compiled and published a limited edition A5 monograph in 1993 that listed all the known CD releases of John Lee Hooker (sounds like a useful book!), for information, guidance and some cover scans.

Thanks also to Jim Mehl for helping to tidy up some loose ends.

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