Coast to Coast Blues Band (BGO) - cover from Blackmail

John Lee Hooker
Coast to Coast Blues Band
(a.k.a. Anywhere - Anytime - Anyplace)

Current: Beat Goes On CD 363 (BGOCD363, 1997, U.K.)
Original Release: United Artists LP 5512 (1971)
Specifications: 1 discs, 14 tracks, duration approx. 42 minutes
Recorded: Detroit, 1948-1951
Tracks: 01. Come Back Baby [02:57] (a.k.a. One More Time/Lets Talk It Over/Lets Think It Over)
Recorded April 28th, 1950 - Modern 20-790, CLP 5353
02. Forgive Me [03:13]
Recorded circa September, 1949
03. Street is Filled with Women [03:14] (alt. take)
Recorded April 2nd, 1951
04. Moon Is Rising [02:49]
Recorded 1950
05. Whistle Done Blown [03:11]
Recorded April 2nd, 1951
06. Turnin' Gray Blues [02:49]
Recorded April 28th, 1950
07. She Was In Chicago [02:57]
Recorded probably late-Summer, 1948
08. Lord Taketh My Baby Away [03:02] (a.k.a. Decoration Day Blues)
Recorded April 28th, 1950 - Sensation 33
09. Just Like a Woman [02:59] (a.k.a. Never Satisfied)
Recorded 1950 - Regal 3304
10. Throw This Old Dog a Bone [03:06] (alt. take)
Recorded - 1950
11. Johnny Lee's Mood [03:04] (a.k.a. Original One Voice)
Recorded August 7th, 1951
12. Miss Eloise, Miss Eloise [02:41] (a.k.a. Miss Eloise)
Recorded 1949 - Sensation 34, Regal 3295
13. Crying All Night [02:44]
Recorded April 28th, 1950
14. Welfare Blues [02:57] (alt. take)
Recorded April 28th, 1950
References: CLP 5353 The Great (Crown CLP 5353)
Personnel: John Lee Hooker vocals; guitar
Eddie Burns harmonica on 12
Eddie Kirkland guitar on 03, 05

Produced by Bernard Besman

All songs written by John Lee Hooker

Liner notes by Bernard Besman?

Notes: This album initially came about because of Canned Heat, who commissioned the release of many Hooker out-takes after recording the album Hooker 'n' Heat with him in 1970.  This was the first such release, with the 3LP box set John Lee Hooker's Detroit following two years later.

The entire contents of both these collections can currently be found - if you want all the Hooker you can get - on the 3CD set Alternative Boogie: Early Studio Recordings, 1948-1952.

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Similar CD's: Alternative Boogie duplicates all tracks, and then some

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Cover: Cover from the Blackmail web site.
Release Details: BGO details from my CD.   Original details from Boogie Chillen book and Alternative Boogie CD liner notes.
Specifications: Online sources and Alternative Boogie CD.
Recorded: Boogie Chillen book.
Tracks: Combination of online sources, Boogie Chillen book and Alternative Boogie CD.
Personnel: Musician credits from Boogie Chillen book.  Producer credit from Alternative Boogie CD.  Other details from online sources.