Live at the Cafe au Go-Go (and Soledad Prison) (MCA)

John Lee Hooker
Live at the Cafe au Go-Go

Current: Beat Goes On CD 39 (BGOCD39, 1995, U.K.)
Current: MCA Records CD 11537 (MCAD-11537, 1996) Live at the Cafe au Go-Go (and Soledad Prison)
Original Release: ABC-Bluesway LP 6002 (BLS 6002, 1967)
Specifications: 1 disc, 8/13 tracks, duration approx. 36 minutes and 68 minutes respectively, Stereo
Recorded: Live at the Cafe au Go-Go, New York City, August 30th, 1966 (except 09 - 13, Live at Soledad Prison, June 11th, 1972)
Tracks: 01. I'm Bad Like Jesse James [05:31]
Bluesway LP 6002
02. She's Long, She's Tall (She Weeps Like a Willow Tree) [03:31]
Bluesway LP 6002
03. When My First Wife Left Me [04:10]
Bluesway LP 6002
04. Heartaches and Misery [05:24]
Bluesway LP 6002
05. One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer [04:31]
Bluesway LP 6002
06. I Don't Want No Trouble [04:22]
Bluesway LP 6002
07. I'll Never Get Out of These Blues Alive [04:50]
Bluesway LP 6002
08. Seven Days [04:08]
Bluesway LP 6002
Bonus Tracks (MCA)
09. What's the Matter Baby [03:48]
ABC LP 761
10. Lucille [06:44]
ABC LP 761
11. Boogie Everywhere I Go [09:02]
ABC LP 761
12. Serve Me Right to Suffer [07:19]
ABC LP 761
13. Bang Bang Bang Bang [04:28]
ABC LP 761
References: ABC-Bluesway LP 6002 Live at the Cafe au Go-Go (BLS 6002, 1967)
ABC LP 761 Live at Soledad Prison (1972)
Personnel: John Lee Hooker vocals; guitar
Otis Spann piano
Muddy Waters, Sammy Lawhorn, Luther Johnson
Mac Arnold bass
Francis Clay drums

Produced by Bob Thiele
Engineered by
Rudy Van Gelder

All songs written by John Lee Hooker

Cover painting & design by Byron Goto/Henry Epstein
Original liner notes by Stanley Dance
Additional MCA liner notes by Chris Morris

MCA reissue produced by Andy McKaie
MCA digitally remastered by Erick Labson (MCA Music Media Studios, North Hollywood, CA)
MCA reissue art direction by Vartan
MCA reissue design and typography by Michael Diehl
MCA reissue photo research by Geary Chansley

Additional personnel information regarding Live at Soledad Prison:

John Lee Hooker vocals; guitar
Luther Tucker, Charlie Grimes
Lex Silver
Ken Swank
John Lee Hooker Jnr.
second vocal on Boogie Everywhere I Go

Produced by Ed Michel
Engineered by
Baker Bigsby at Village Recorders
Location recording equipment by
Wally Heider Recording

Notes: Harmonicist George Smith is often credited with playing on the Live at the Cafe au Go-Go tracks, but is inaudible.  My brain is now a sort of frazzled sausage type creation, after trying to make out harmonica on some of the quieter passages, so don't buy it if you're a George Smith fan, unless you're a Hooker fan, too.

In the draft copy of the Hooker entry in Blues Records 1943-1970 that I'm using as a reference, Les Fancourt claims that the Live at the Cafe au Go-Go tracks are not in fact live (presumably with the audience noise being overdubbed), but I haven't seen any evidence elsewhere to substantiate this yet.

The Live at Soledad Prison tracks are all but the first two tracks, namely Superlover and I'm Your Crosscut Saw, from the original album.  The omitted tracks do not feature John Lee Hooker on vocals, instead featuring John Lee Hooker Jnr. on vocals.

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Details: Most of the information gleaned from my MCA CD, and looking at the BGO CD in a shop.  Some information from Les Fancourt's work.