Burning Hell (Fantasy)

John Lee Hooker
Burning Hell

Current: Fantasy/Riverside/Original Blues Classics CD 555-2 (OBCCD-555-2, 1992)
Current: Ace/Original Blues Classics CD 555 (OBCCD 555)
I would assume Ace have licensed it from Fantasy, but are not licensed to sell in the U.S.A. or Canada.
Original Release: Fontana/Riverside LP 008 (RLP-008, 1964, U.K.)
Specifications: 1 disc, 12 tracks, approximately 42 minutes, AAD/ADD (see notes)
Recorded: United Recorders, Detroit, April 20th, 1959
Tracks: 01. Burnin' Hell [03:16]
(John Lee Hooker) ATV Music/La Cienega Music-BMI
02. Graveyard Blues [03:39]
(Hooker) ATV/La Cienega-BMI
03. Baby, Please Don't Go [04:49]
(Joe Williams) MCA Music-ASCAP
04. Jackson, Tennessee [03:19]
05. You Live Your Life and I'll Live Mine [03:20]
06. Smokestack Lightnin' [03:21]
(Chester Burnett) Arc Music-BMI
07. How Can You Do It? [02:57]
08. I Don't Want No Woman if Her Hair Ain't No Longer Than Mine [03:16]
(a.k.a. Short-Haired Woman)
(Sam Hopkins) Sanga Music/Tradition Music-BMI
09. I Rolled and Turned and Cried the Whole Night Long [03:47]
10. Blues for my Baby [03:37]
11. Key to The Highway [03:15]
(Broonzy-Segar) Duchess Music-BMI
12. Natchez Fire [03:02] (a.k.a. Burnin')
(Burnett) Arc-BMI
References: Riverside LP 008 Burning Hell (RLP-008, 1964, U.K.)
Personnel: John Lee Hooker vocals; guitar

Produced by Bill Grauer

All selections composed by John Lee Hooker (Orpheum Music-BMI), except as indicated

Compiled and edited by Orrin Keepnews

Digital remastering by Phil De Lancie (1992, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley)

Includes original liner notes by Alan Bates

Notes: The Fantasy inlay states AAD, but it also states 'digital remastering by...', so go figure.
Online: RealAudio 01-12: Tunes.COM

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Cover: Scanned myself.
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