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The Legendary Doo Wops

      Terry Evans was first introduced to mainstream rock & roll when he joined Cornell Gunther and The Coasters in the early sixties. After replacing the departed Bobby Nunn, Evans toured the world with original members Carl Gardner, Leon Hughes and their leader Cornell Gunther. Their outrageous on-stage antics were synonymous with their equally unique hit records which included "Charlie Brown"... "Searchin'"... "Yakety Yak"... "Poison Ivy"... "Little Egypt"... "Along Came Jones" and  more. 

terry Evans - center

It was an experience that led to the sharing of many stages with the greatest singing groups of all time. Most of them became personal friends and formed a rock & roll family that would last a lifetime.

Terry Evans, a first generation Coaster, is now fronting an authentic entertainment package that pays tribute to several of his friends and associates... The Coasters... The Platters... The Drifters and the Inkspots. "It's a welcome departure from touring around the country as one of a thousand Coaster groups" said Evans. "We still perform all the Coasters material" he added. "I'm having much more fun, and the audiences are getting more enjoyment out of our concerts than ever before."

An incredible salute to the "Singing Legends" from one of the original rock'n' roll family members.

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